FREE 5LB hand weights @ Burlington Coat Factory!

 Last month a Burlington Coat Factory store opened and with their opening they sent out $10 off your purchase coupons/flyers to all area residents.  I received one of them in the mail, stuck it in my purse and decided I’d check out the store when I was in the area.  A few weeks later I popped into the store and browsed around.  Originally I was going to purchase a handbag, but the opening was rather small — well, small in comparison to what I was looking for.  I knew it was going to bother me over time so I decided to not get it — but instead found these 5 pound hand weights in the little fitness center.  I had been looking at hand weights at Target and Walmart and the 3 pounders were $8 each — this set for both was $7.99 so it made them absolutely free!  They’re made of good sturdy material  The hand surface is smooth, which after using may require me to handle with textured gloves (to avoid slippage and smashing my toes to smithereens).  But overall I’m happy with my purchase!