Lean Cuisine Honestly Good Honey Citrus Chicken

I was awarded a Klout perk, so I was mailed a coupon to try out the new Lean Cuisine Honestly Good line. While shopping at Walmart, I browsed through the selection available and decided to pick up the Lean Cuisine Honestly Good Honey Citrus Chicken. I decided to have it for lunch.
What struck me as interesting at first was that the meal came with a number of step by step directions to follow before consuming. Unlike most frozen meals, this isn’t one of those you just throw in the microwave and retrieve in 5 minutes.  Inside the container there is a packet of sauce – you have to remove the plastic, retrieve the sauce and submerge it in a cup of water to thaw.  Putting the film back on the meal, you place it in the microwave for 3 minutes.  When done, remove the plastic, pour the sauce over the meat and return back to the microwave to finish cooking.  There are implicit directions that state the sauce MUST be cooked before consuming.  So when after 2 minutes, my food was still a little cold I put it in for another minute.
Looking at the meal after it came out of the microwave, I could tell the summer squash was soggy – but since there weren’t too many pieces, it was okay. Taste wise the meal is ok but it is nothing to brag about. Oddly enough, I found the pasta to be the best part – it was cooked al dente and seasoned just right. The chicken was rather soft and being a texture person that kind of weirded me out.  The sauce wasn’t bad, it blended the meal together.
I will say, these Honestly Good frozen meals are pricey as far as frozen dinners are concerned (roughly $4). You could essentially get two Smart Ones or two regular Lean Cuisine meals for the same price.  I wasn’t terribly impressed with this one, so I’m not sure if I’ll dabble into trying anymore.  By the way, the meal is 320 calories — 8 points plus values.
Have you tried any of the Lean Cuisine Honestly Good meals?

Trader Joe’s Trader Giotto’s Garden Vegetable Lasagne

I spotted and picked up a new frozen dish at Trader Joe’s. I was in the mood for lasagna, it looked delicious and Trader Joe’s typically doesn’t let me down.  Trader Giotto’s Garden Vegetable Lasagne is a lasagna that is made with organic vegetables and organic whole wheat flour.  Since my boyfriend doesn’t like lasagna, it doesn’t make sense for me to make a big pan of it – so I rely on frozen lasagna OR my mothers lasagna whenever she makes it.
I opted to cook the tray in the microwave, per the box directions, instead of in the oven. Since the microwave I was using cooks fast, I set the cooking time in the middle of the cooking time range.  The dish was hot, but I found I’d prefer to have it cook for the maximum time to make it hotter and to help reduce any potential condensation build up from the meal going from the freezer to the microwave.
I find with frozen lasagna dishes I prefer vegetable lasagna and I have to say this one is perfect.  There’s a pretty fair serving, it’s packed with flavor and it’s incredibly filling.  The ricotta is mixed with spinach and there are small diced up pieces of vegetables throughout the dish.  I did enjoy this for lunch with a small side salad and it was more than enough to be sustainable.  I enjoyed it so much I plan on getting another for the freezer on my next Trader Joe’s trip.
The dish is 290 calories, which translates to 8 points plus values.  Totally worth it!
Have you tried the Trader Joe’s Garden Vegetable Lasagne?

Smart Ones Chicken Fajitas

I picked up the Smart Ones Chicken Fajitas when I spotted them at the grocery store in the freezer section.  I was intrigued because, even though I don’t eat a lot of Smart One meals, I do have a few favorites and I enjoy trying some of the new items the brand comes out with.  I love fajitas, so at purchase I felt this was a score all around.
The box describes the meal as grilled white chicken with seasoned peppers & onions with a side of rice and beans along with 2 tortillas.  The whole meal is only 7 points plus, which I also felt was quite a steal (particularly for a frozen dish).
I heated this up for a late lunch because I was absolutely starving.  But I felt as though this was simply … just food.  The meal was very bland and rather boring.  There was nearly not enough seasoning in any of it. The rice was bland, the chicken fajita was bland. If I was to ever eat this again, I would need to load it with some hot sauce or salsa – just something to give it flavor.  But with that … I probably will not repurchase this.  I do have the pork variety in the freezer to try out at some point.  But I’ll stick with my homemade fajitas that are less points and far more satisfying (filling and flavor wise).
Have you tried any of the new Smart One dishes out there?

Market Pantry Broccoli & Beef

I had spotted this “new” line of frozen family dinner meals at Target a few weeks ago and was eying the chicken teriyaki (or was it sweet and sour chicken?) but decided to pass up on it for the time being.  Well, when I went back to Target they had marked them all down onto clearance and the chicken ones were gone, but the Broccoli & Beef was leftover (as well as a lasagna, etc..).
Considering I wanted something quick to have for lunch or dinner I picked it up for under $4 and made it for lunch the next day.  19 minutes in the microwave and lunch was done and ready to be served.  I admit it looks a lot prettier on the box – but if it were split into separate cooking compartments that presentation would be possible after cooking.  But since it’s all layered together – you get what you get.
Serving size is 1 cup (the container houses 4 servings).  It has a very good taste, the soy ginger sauce over the beef was quite delicious.  The meal blended together well and the added broccoli gave it a nice flare for a vegetable.  My boyfriend even enjoyed it and thought it was good (which is a rarity because he’s not much of a frozen dinner person).
Points plus wise the 1 cup serving was 6 points plus.
Have you tried any Market Pantry frozen dinners?

Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt – Spinach & Cheese Stuffed Shells

I purchased this Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt Spinach & Cheese Stuffed Shells in Marinara Sauce up at Trader Joe’s a few weeks back and had it stashed in my freezer for a go-to meal – whether on the go, or for a meal because my boyfriend and I didn’t have a solid dinner plan.  I ended up making this for because I did not want to eat regular pasta – plus I was in the mood for cheesy goodness.
I have to say this was quite delicious!  The most important thing was Trader Joe’s did NOT skimp on the cheese in this dish.  It was a cheesy, pasta, marina sauce goodness. Sure, you only got 2 stuffed shells in the dish, but it was very filling.  The pasta is stuffed with a cheese and spinach mixture, which is topped with the marinara and a nice helping of mozzarella.  Purely delicious I tell ya, purely delicious.
This was 7 points plus and was totally worth it.  So if you’re in the mood for a new pasta dish and you’re near a Trader Joe’s I suggest picking this up.
Do you like frozen pasta dishes?