Extra Dessert Delights Peach Cobbler Sugar Free Gum

Finding new and unique flavored gum is truthfully like hitting the lottery. I love having gum on hand because they’re flavorful, they satisfy any oral fixation and they keep me busy chewing gum instead of snacking away on other items if I’m feeling snacky.  While standing in the checkout in Walgreen’s I noticed there was a new gum available, so I picked up the Extra Dessert Delights Peach Cobbler Sugar Free Gum.
I’m a fan of the Extra Dessert Delights because the gum truly does taste like a dessert. I like that it can give me the flavor of a dessert in a non-guilty form. The gum taste like peach cobbler – not necessarily the crust, but it tastes like the peach filling with a very mild, mild cinnamon flavor in the background. It smells like a peach market, which makes your mouth water a bit before even popping a stick of gum in your mouth.
Without a doubt a great addition to the Extra Dessert Delights line!