Lean Pockets Spinach Artichoke Chicken

Back in my “hay day” Hot Pockets used to be a staple for me. I’d have a couple stashed in the freezer at home and work as my go-to meal if whatever I brought in for lunch that day just didn’t tickle my fancy. These days I occasionally go for a pre-packaged frozen meal by Lean Pockets for convenience or as a substitute for a craving. I admit I’m bit of a points plus value snob when it comes to frozen items — but this Lean Pockets Spinach Artichoke Chicken was lower in points (in comparison to some other options), was a unique combination and was something I was in the mood for (alfredo).

I had this for dinner one night when my boyfriend went out and ordered a deep dish pizza. Since I frankly didn’t want to throw 10 points into the wind for a slice of pizza, I opted to have this with a side salad. I heated it up in the microwave in its little crisping sleeve and in a few minutes dinner was served.

I admit I wasn’t sure if this was going to be good or not. With all frozen meals you never know what you’re going to get until you take the first bite. So I went into that bite with caution … and was pleasantly surprised. It was quite good! It has spinach and artichoke, chicken and a creamy mozzarella based sauce in it. It’s flavorful but not overly rich. It’s a different twist on a Lean Pocket since I typically go for the “pizza-esque” pockets.

The cool thing about Lean Pockets is they actually have the Points Plus Values printed on the back of the box which makes picking and choosing a lot easier. One pocket rings in at 6 points plus. Not bad for an occasional frozen meal.

Do you like lean pockets?