Kidz Zone Perfect Yellow Cupcake

I picked up a box of the Kidz Zone Perfect Yellow Cupcake nutrition bars at Target. I’m a fan of Zone Perfect nutrition bars … so when I saw a bar in a cupcake flavor, I had to give it a go. Sure, it’s marketed towards kids and I am not a kid, but alls fair in the cupcake war.
The bars are pretty decent size especially for being marketed towards kids.  The bars are encased in a thin fudge-like coating.  The bars themselves are chewy as some nutrition bars tend to be. There is a vanilla flavor which is far more prominent in flavor than a cupcake, but it’s doable, passable and not bad. I also found them to be satisfying, especially when in comparison to other snack size bars.
Each bar is 140 calories or 4 points plus values.

Zone Perfect Chocolate Peanut Butter Nutrition Bars

After going out “on a limb” and trying the Zone Perfect Fudge Graham bars I decided to pick up the Chocolate Peanut Butter while at Wal-Mart.  The Wal-Mart I was at, didn’t have a very wide selection – but evidently I was in a peanut butter mood so these ended up in my cart.  After trying them, I have to say, I really am glad this particular flavor ended up in my cart!
These nutrition bars are a great after gym snack as well as a great snack to have between meals because they truly do hold you over.  Lately I’ve found I’ve been reaching for them during that late afternoon hunger period where I’m hungry but dinner is not going to be ready for a while. There are 14 grams of protein in a bar, 3 grams of fiber, 24 grams of carbohydrate and 7 grams of fat.
The chocolate peanut butter flavor truly reminds me of a peanut butter candy bar.  The outside is very milk chocolatey and there’s a very nice smooth peanut butter flavor.  I was pleasantly surprised with this flavor. Definitely an A+ and it scores even more points because it reminds me of a candy bar!
The one thing I do want to say is that these WILL get a little melty if they are kept in a warm area.  The weather has been all over the place here lately and one day I found these were not melting in the packaging, but the moment I picked it up with my fingers it started basically slipping/melting right out of my grip.  I wouldn’t suggest keeping these in the fridge, but perhaps a nice cool, dark cabinet – it would keep them perfect during the hot months.
The greatest part is these are incredibly filling AND they’re only 5 Weight Watchers Points Plus values!
Have you tried any of the Zone Perfect nutrition bars? If so, what is your favorite flavor?

Zone Perfect- Fudge Graham Bar

I have been looking for a good tasting protein bar for a while.  The only issue with protein bars is that so many people have different tastes.  Some love certain ones, others hate them.  I’ve tried Cliff bars and have not been a fan (of at least the flavors I’ve tried).  I’ve enjoyed Quest Bars, well, the flavors that I have tried thus far.  But I started hearing more and more about Zone Perfect bars and how they’re pretty delicious and filling.  Many say they’re a perfect snack to have during the day or to have after a work-out where you’re hungry but in search of something quick.  But as with many things, everyone has a different flavor that’s their favorite.
So, I picked up a box of the Zone Perfect Fudge Graham nutrition bars on Wal-Mart’s website for $4.77.  Trying to incorporate a little more protein into my diet (these have 14 grams of protein BTW), I decided to try one and I have to say it’s delicious!  My boyfriend even had one and he was quite impressed.  It reminds me of a candy bar that’s covered in rice crispy’s. The inside has that rice crispy quality to it.  While I may not completely pick up on the “graham” I find that it has a very nice taste and it’s delicious.  Lately, I’ve been finding myself reaching for one mid-afternoon between that lunch/dinner time slot where you’re looking for something and/or just need something with a little substance.
Points Plus wise these are 5 points a piece. Not bad because they really are quite filling. I mean, you’re not going to feel stuffed – but drink some water with these and your hunger pains will be gone.  I like these so much I picked up another box (different flavor) to try out – but I think I’ve found my “go to” protein bars from now on!
Have you tried any of the Zone Perfect bars?