Weight Watchers Blueberry Granola Clusters w/ Blueberry yogurt

I received a package of the new Weight Watchers Blueberry Granola Clusters at my local Weight Watchers meeting and after holding onto them for a week, I decided to give them a try.  I typically like to be able to try new Weight Watchers products before purchasing just incase I am not a fan – but like with any food product it’s trial and error.
I decided to pair the blueberry granola clusters with blueberry yogurt for a 5 points plus dessert. I used to love granola with yogurt but since granola tends to be higher in points I typically skip the granola so I was hoping I’d be in for a delicious treat with these.
I will say the flavor is good, the smaller bits aren’t bad but the large round blueberry clusters are SO hard they’re almost to the chip/break your tooth crunchy limit.  I mixed mine into the yogurt and it didn’t soften them up – but perhaps if you let them sit in yogurt for about 5 minutes or more perhaps it’d make them a little softer.  But these are crunchy.  I will not be purchasing a box of these BUT I have heard the other variety available at Weight Watchers locations is good and not as crunchy – but since I haven’t tried those I cannot say for sure.
Each pack is 3 points plus values and I do feel you get a pretty decent amount for your points.
Have you tried the new Blueberry Granola Clusters?