DiGiorno Pizzeria! Primo Pepperoni Pizza

Ever since I tried the DiGiorno Pizzeria frozen pizzas my boyfriend and I have been obsessed with the line.  I did a mini review on the Supreme Speciale which is my favorite from the line that I’ve tried so far.  My boyfriend likes pepperoni pizza the best, so we’ve purchased a few of these (check the DiGiorno website for $2 off printable coupons).
Back in my “hay day” DiGiorno rising crust pizza was one of my favorite frozen pizzas.  That is, until I joined Weight Watchers and I found out 1/8th of a rising crust pizza was a serving and that serving was about 9 points at the time.  That was not worth it so for the longest time I straight up refused to purchase DiGiorno pizza.  I swayed over to thin crust pizzas, etc … that is until this delicious line hit grocery sore freezer shelves.
This is the first line of pizza that I had found that was what I consider points plus friendly, had a significant puffy crust, great tasting sauce and yummy toppings.  The top is a little greasy, but it’s what you’d expect with any pepperoni pizza.  The crust is lightly seasoned, which is out of the norm for frozen pizzas.  I also found the pepperoni pizza is child approved … we had a pizza “party” with my niece when she came over and she quite enjoyed it – so much that she had two slices!

The greatest part is 1/4th of the pizza is only 9 points plus values.  Quite a steal, if you ask me, especially since I am a die hard pizza lover.
Have you tried any of the DiGiorno Pizzeria! pizzas?