Dinner: Sirloin with Peppers and Onions, Acorn Squash and Potato

Every once in a while I get in the mood for sirloin steak tips. Typically we make them on the grill or under the broiler but after experimenting with steak tips in the oven I’ve found I quite ebecause usually that means a tough piece of meat. But that’s not the case with the steak tips. I’ve been blessed with my parents ability of throwing flavors together and having it work — so that’s typically what I do with these tips.

I trim the excess fat off the sirloin and cut it up into chunks and bite size pieces. I add these pieces of meat to a baking dish with sliced peppers and onions. Then the magic happens. I season the dish up with a little black pepper, salt, McCormick steak seasoning, Trader Joe’s 21 Season Salute, minced garlic, a splash of teriyaki sauce, a splash of mild BBQ sauce, and a small glob of Texas Steak Marinade. I mix everything together and bake in a 350 degree oven for about 20-25 minutes (depending on how well my steak is cooking). All the flavors combine and make a tasty “gravy” and the meat is very soft with that classic “melt in your mouth” texture. I don’t have the measurements because I truthfully don’t measure them out I eyeball it — but I’ll develop this into a recipe soon because it’s definitely worth trying.
I like to serve this up with potato and a vegetable. This time I went with my classic baked potato (which I conveniently cooked in the microwave to make it simple) and paired it with a half of acorn squash. You can find my super simple acorn squash recipe here.

The entire meal – as pictured, was only 9 points plus! 5.5 oz potato, 3 oz sirloin with peppers and onions and 1 acorn squash. Filling, delicious and utterly worth it.

QUESTION:What is one of your favorite repeat meals?