Special K Moments Indulgent Snack Bites – Dreamy Coconut

I enjoy a small sweet snack every once in a while. So, while meandering through the oatmeal and cereal bar aisle, I spotted an item that was new to me. So I picked up the Special K Moments Indulgent Snack Bites in Dreamy Coconut.  I opted to go with the coconut over the caramel pretzel because coconut desserts are definitely a favorite even though dark chocolate is not.
Opening the bar they certainly look indulgent and decadent. They have a macaroon type look to them. Taste wise they’re good … but they’re not mind blowing fabulous. They have a rice krispie texture to them and the coconut flavor is undoubtedly noticeable. The dark chocolate certainly brings down the natural sweetness of it.  It’s a good treat if you’re looking for something small that can satisfy your sweet tooth.
I purchased the box knowing well in advance they were small.  I believe the box even lists the picture on the packaging to be true to size.  Plus, with a description as “snack bites” I was anticipating it to be a few bites.  Turns out the Special K website even describes them as a “just 3 bites and 70 calories”.  If you’re anticipating a larger bar, then you may want to skip these.  If you’re a Weight Watchers meeting member, I’d compare these in size to the snack bars that are sold in meeting locations.
Each bar is 70 calories and 2 points plus values.