Joseph’s Flax Oat Bran & Whole Wheat Thin Sandwich Rolls

While picking up some groceries at the store I spotted a new sandwich thin from Joseph’s. I’ve been a big fan of the Joseph’s Flax line (pitas, tortillas) so when I spotted the Joseph’s Flax Oat Bran & Whole Wheat Thin Sandwich Rolls I checked the nutrition facts and set the package into my grocery cart.
Immediately the thin sandwich rolls reminded me of the Trader Joe’s Multigrain Slims.  They’re around the same nutrition information, while they’re the same points plus values.  If you haven’t had either, this would be similar to the Arnold’s sandwich thins, but the Joseph’s feel a little lighter.  The bread itself is filing and holds up pretty well when toasted.  Side note – I really feel I prefer these over the Trader Joe’s multigrain slims!
If you live in an area where Market Basket is your local grocer – I just want to note that Joseph’s breads are on sale 50% off until the end of December.  
Each roll is 90 calories or 2 points plus values.
Have you tried the Joseph thin sandwich rolls?

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