Homemade Baked French Fries

I sometimes forget how easy it is to make French fries at home that are healthier for you.  So many times we think of French fries and instantly relate that to deep fried.  Well, there’s a way to make French fries at home, by baking them, and eliminating a whole lot of the fat.
I was inspired to make these by the Weight Watchers weekly I received at my meeting.  They were for cheese fries but since my boyfriend doesn’t like cheese, I decided to simplify it and just make salt and pepper seasoned fries.  I took 2 pounds of white washed potatoes, rinsed them under the water and then cut them up into French fry sized pieces.  I then layered them onto a Pam sprayed baking tray and tossed with a spritz of olive oil, sea salt and pepper.  I then baked them in a 350 degree oven for 20 minutes, flipping and spritzing with more Pam then baking another 20 minutes.
The fries came out really good.  They were softer, but mildly crunchy on the outside.  If you wanted a crispier fry you could toss them with olive oil.
I made 5 servings, which came out to be 4 points plus values per serving.  Delicious with a side of ketchup.
Have you ever made homemade French fries at home?