PB Crave – CoCo Bananas

After purchasing a boatload of PB Crave off their website I decided to finally give the peanut butter a shot.  In my particular area, the line is sold at select Wal-Mart locations but it is also available on the company’s website.  The one peanut butter I was the most intrigued about was the PB Crave CoCo Bananas.
PB Crave peanut butter is a natural peanut butter and the oils separate from the peanut butter and has to be reincorporated into the mixture.  After a number of stirs with a buttering knife, everything is incorporated together and ready to eat.  CoCo Bananas is a blend of wild honey, chocolate and a natural banana flavor.  The peanut butter itself is not sweet like regular peanut butters on the market; it’s got more of a natural peanut butter flavor that’s slightly sweet.  I’d say the chocolate flavor is not really noticeable but the banana flavoring is definitely nice and smooth. It’s definitely a nice, delicious treat.
A 2 tablespoon serving is 180 calories or 5 points plus values.
Have you tried any PB Crave peanut butters?

PB Crave Haul

I had seen quite a number of posts on Instagram featuring PB Crave which is a natural line of peanut butter.  One of the flavors intrigued me so I hopped on the companies website to see where I could find it.  Walmart is listed as the main retailer but I was having trouble finding it in specific stores – I did find it in one local Walmart, but they did not have the flavor I truly wanted. Plus, they’re rather expensive … almost $6 a jar.
While on Instagram a fellow Weight Watcher and friend posted about a deal PB Crave was hosting in their website.  If you bought a combo pack (of 3 flavors) you would receive a 3-pack of Razzle Dazzle for free.  With the price of shipping added into the total, it made it quite a deal … under $3 a jar. So I jumped on the bandwagon, submitted an order and about a week later I received the package.
In case you are wondering, points plus wise a 2 tablespoon serving is 4-5 points plus.  But here’s what I ordered and received:
          Cookie Nookie – this is a cookie dough flavored peanut butter with honey and chocolate chips
          CoCo Bananas – this is a blend of bananas, honey and cocoa
          Choco Choco – this is a blend of semi-sweet and dark chocolate chips with honey
          Razzle Dazzle (3 jars – free w/ promo) – this is a blend of wild raspberry, wild honey, white and dark chocolate
Have you tried PB Crave peanut butter?

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