Hormel Rev #5 Italian Style Ham Wrap

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This is the type of thing I purchase when I go out for a quick errand with my mother, which then turns into an unexpected 3+ hour jaunt.  3+ hour unexpected jaunts typically equals a starving Shannon.  A starving Shannon in Walmart smelling fried foods near the deli is usually a bad combination.  They always say not to shop hungry and since I wasn’t borderline hangry (hungry angry) at the moment I was able to think level headed.  Quickly bypassing the fried foods section, I made my way over to the pre-packaged deli meat section and decided to pick up this Hormel Rev #5 Italian Style Ham wrap.
Typically, this is not something I would purchase, but since I just needed something this was a far better option for me.  I’ve seen these Hormel wraps featured on a few people I follow on Instagarm’s feed so I decided to give it a shot.  The Italian Style Ham wrap is an Italian herb wrap with smoked ham and mozzarella cheese.  The wrap itself is 5 points plus for the whole wrap or 3 points plus values for ½.
My thoughts?  The wrap was alright, palatable and satisfying but it definitely was not something I’d run out to buy a few to have in the fridge.  It was a healthier alternative to the other things around me at that particular moment, but I wasn’t “wowed” by it.  I would repurchase if I was in a bind and needed something that didn’t take much thinking, but I’d prefer (in most circumstances) to be able to make my own sandwich for the same points but far more satisfying.  I guess we can say I’m at the middle of the road with this one.
Have you tried any of the Hormel wraps?