Haul: Weight Watchers Ultimate Chicken Cookbook

When I saw that Weight Watchers had released a new cookbook I knew I had to pick it up.  I love Weight Watcher cookbooks even though I am a relatively experienced cook because there are times where thinking of what to make for a meal can be annoying because options just aren’t presenting themselves to me.  So with that I picked up the Weight Watchers Ultimate Chicken Cookbookon Amazon for under $19.
I love chicken – but I admit chicken can get plain gross and boring if it’s not seasoned properly or if it’s something I steer towards when cooking all the time.  Sometimes it takes an interesting description or picture in a cookbook to make me think “hey that sounds good!” So I figured this would help me break out of my chicken box and try new things – and having the Points Plus values definitely make it a lot simpler to try out a new recipe.
I haven’t tried anything from the cookbook yet, but I have given it a run through and I do have a number of recipes flagged as recipes I’d like to try.  With that, I’m hoping to perhaps try one this week at some point.
What is one of your favorite cookbooks you’ve picked up recently?

Never say never … but not in this case

“I’m not losing weight. I’m getting rid of it. I have no intention of finding it again.”

This quote is one that I’ve grown to love over the years. Why? Because I don’t have any intention of finding the 194+ pounds I have shed over the past 3 1/2 years ever again. I’m in it to win it and I’m doing it all for myself.
I’ve always struggled with my weight. In the past, I have lost weight for other people (primarily for family). My weight was unhealthy for a person my age (from 5-years old and on) and approaching someone to tell them you believe they need to lose weight is a hard and sensitive subject. I’ve heard it being said from a lot of people all throughout my life. But the thing is if the person you’re approaching isn’t in the right mindset it can do one of two things 1) go in one ear and out the other or 2) it can backfire and cause a confrontation OR send the person you’re confronting into a proverbial tailspin. In some cases that intervention may be the talk that sets the lightbulb off in a persons head, but for me it never was because I knew I was fat, I knew the world knew I was fat so you weren’t laying a big secret on me, your concern was only making me uncomfortable. My family would try to approach the topic but I didn’t want to hear it and I’d eventually turn to food for comfort, which only ballooned my waistline even further. Then after a while I’d give in, lose some weight and eventually gain it back because I wasn’t doing it for me, I was doing it for others. Back then, these attempts at health were done with a diet mentality. I personally didn’t want to change, but I was going to do it just because … and when times got tough I threw my hands in the air and ate myself silly.
There was a time where I joined Weight Watchers with my mother. My mom was joining and she asked if I’d like to join, so I hopped on board. I enjoyed seeing the scale move. I was following the program and it was working. But since the choice to join wasn’t ultimately one that I came up with when my mother stopped attending meetings, I stopped attending meetings. I left the program and the tools I learned at the wayside and ultimately gained all the weight I had lost back.
The difference between the journey I’m currently on and any attempt at weight loss in the past is that I’m doing it for me this time around. I joined Weight Watchers on my own. No one suggested I join, no one hinted I should join, I made the choice and kept that choice to myself because I didn’t want anybody to try and suggest it to me because that would’ve made me quit before I had the chance to try. What can I say? I have a very hard head at times. I’m stubborn. I don’t like being told what to do whether it’s for the best or not.
After joining Weight Watchers and shedding pounds week by week, I started to feel better about myself. My dad came to me and told me he was proud of me for taking the initiative to get healthy for myself. It was a very touching moment for me and it’s one I’ll always remember because it solidified the fact that yes, I was doing this for myself and those closest to me saw that.
Three and a half years later I am the healthiest and smallest I have been since grade school. I don’t ever recall a time when I was the weight I currently am (I can’t say size because I was not 5’6 in 4th or 5th grade when I was more than likely the weight I currently am now – which back then was obese for someone my age). Physical changes aside, my life is so vastly different compared to how it used to be. Four years ago, I was a human hermit crab. I never left my shell (home or my humble abode AKA my bedroom) and if I did it was briefly and only to do whatever I had to do (work, school, picking up food, etc.). I lived behind my computer playing games and RPG’s to pass the time and to take the focus off my life.

These days life is vastly different – life is enjoyable. I’m not ashamed of myself and do not mind going out. I still am a bit shy, but I’m working on coming out of my shell more and more. I don’t live behind a computer playing games to mask my miserable life. These days I use my computer as a tool to connect with others, to share my journey and to keep in touch with friends and family. But it’s merely a tool — it’s not my one and only. I enjoy life now and I most importantly know what happiness is. I know that I deserve the best and I will get it as long as I put my best foot forward. I have a bright outlook on life and feel I am utterly unstoppable. I can do anything I want as long as I set my mind to it. Positivity fuels me instead of negativity clouding my judgment.
I know the saying goes “never say never” BUT I refuse to allow any shadow of doubt regarding my weight loss and my eventual maintenance. I realize life happens and there will always inevitably be minor bumps in the road but I need to learn to cope with those instances, learn from them and as always keep it moving. It’s my life after all and I’m going to make the best of it.

Fat my whole life…

My weight has been a constant battle since the age of 4 or 5. In the above picture, I want to say I was anywhere between the age of 11-13 and in the 6th or 7th grade – of course the photograph on the right is me a few weeks ago. Considering I have been overweight practically my entire life, I know the emotional torment. I know how it feels to be teased and made fun of. I know how it feels to feel hopeless and helpless.
Early on in life, I learned how to cope with food. I would eat when I was happy, sad, angry, hurt, etc.  I also learned that if someone made food for me, it was a way of them expressing their love for me – so I had to eat it.  My grandmother watched me for my parents while they were at work and she would ask me what I would like to eat that day. Regardless of what I told her, the food was delivered – and in abundance. If I wanted French toast, magically pile upon pile of French toast would be delivered to the kitchen table.  The same followed suit with any other foods my grandmother would cook – potato pancakes, fried eggplant, grilled cheese, etc., etc.
I learned that food was a means of celebration. Food (whether made for someone or being consumed) made people happy! As I got older, I then learned how to suppress my feelings with food. If someone said something to me that I didn’t like, I turned to food for comfort, to put a band-aid on my “boo-boo”. Food was and had become, essentially my best friend. Food never judged me. Food never told me “you shouldn’t eat that”, food never snickered behind my back, and food never did anything to “hurt” me.
I was also (and still kind of am) a picky eater. I did not and don’t eat certain foods. My parents always cooked – they’d only order out on Friday or Saturday.  It was never really a matter of what they were cooking; it was merely a matter of portion size.  I had my first peanut butter and jelly sandwich at 17 simply because I wanted to try it.  I admit, I was rather spoiled because if I refused to eat dinner I’d whine and whine and whine until, my mother (my father wouldn’t give in) would take me out to get my favorite food as a child – a hamburger from a fast food restaurant.
The cycle continued and into my teenage years, I developed a habit of having dinner before dinner. By this I mean eating something “quick” at a fast food establishment (usually hamburgers, tacos, etc.) before going home to eat the dinner that my parents prepared.
Fast forward into my adult life and I simply continued doing what I knew: emotional eating, eating dinner before dinner, eating in abundance, and merely eating just to eat because I’m also a boredom eater.  I don’t look back at my life and wonder how I ever got to nearly 400 pounds.  Sometimes I wonder how I wasn’t more than that.  For decades, I had a pair of blinders perfectly cemented over my eyes, which didn’t allow me to see what I didn’t want to see.  Me.
Before joining Weight Watchers in February 2010, I was able to remove the blinders and see myself for the first time. I, the emotional and boredom eater, was able to grasp hold of her life and decide that I needed to be healthy and happy. So far, it’s been the best decision I have ever made.  I needed to do a lot of work – physically and emotionally, and I am still working on myself today. Old habits die hard and sometimes those old habits or feelings can creep back up – but it’s up to me to decide how I am going to deal with them.  This isn’t an overnight revelation; it takes work – days and even years.  I found it takes a little digging deep down inside to find out why I do certain things.  Talking about them, getting things off my chest to an unbiased individual made it so much easier.  It’s not always fun diving headfirst into the deep stuff – but once you do, it gets easier and a weight begins to get lifted.
The difference in me today versus me years ago (and truthfully my whole life pre-weight loss journey), is that I have control and I know what I need to do to make my lifestyle livable. I’m still a work in progress. I’m not perfect; there isn’t a single person on the planet that is (well … aside from my beloved fictional Mary Poppins). I’m still learning every day – things about myself, about life and just things in general.  As I always say it may not always be easy … but it’s worth it.
190+ pounds gonebut not forgotten because I neverwant to become that girl again … and I won’t because I have control of my life now.

Trader Joe’s Mandarin Orange Chicken

I’ve heard countless times how much the Trader Joe’s Mandarin Orange Chicken was one of the greatest frozen dishes sold at Trader Joe’s.  I admit, I’d looked at the bag time and time again but always passed it up due to its higher points plus value.  Finally, on one shipping trip with my boyfriend we decided to pick it up to try something different.
Cooking it per the directions on the bag (in the oven) and then coating it with the mandarin orange sauce I have to say this is pretty amazing and I completely understand why it was so widely raved about.  The chicken is evenly coated in batter and once baked it comes out with a nice crunchy coating, but not crack your tooth crunchy.  The mandarin orange sauce is orangey and sweet but not overpowering on any flavor level.  Since the chicken is hot out of the oven once it’s tossed in the sauce, everything gets coated nicely.
A 1 cup serving (140g) is 9 points plus values.  Sure, it’s a little high, but when you think of all you are getting and compare it to a similar dish you may order out at a Chinese restaurant you are getting a far better “bang” for your buck (both cash and points plus wise).
I served this up with some ¾ cup basmati rice and some fresh steamed broccoli and carrots.  The whole dinner was 13 points plus values and well worth it.  It was filling, satisfied my craving for Chinese food and there was more than enough to feed four adults.
The only thing that could possibly make me happier would be if Trader Joe’s could come up with a general tsao’s version just like this mandarin orange dish.  It would be the epitome of amazingness.   C’mon TJ’s – I have faith in you … show me some (more) magic!

Have you tried the mandarin orange chicken from Trader Joe’s?

Why I can eat what I want and still lose weight

I frequently get asked “how can you eat that and still lose weight?”  Sometimes, the question boggles my mind.  The first few times I was asked that, I was honestly, flabbergasted and didn’t quite know what to say because I was taken back.
The word “diet” gets thrown around so much when someone is trying to better their health/lifestyle. I don’t like the word diet because diets are a temporary solution to a permanent problem.  You can change your habits, you can be as strict as you want – but in my case I have to ask myself “will I be willing do to this the rest of my life?” and when it comes to diets the answer is no.  I could not live off drinking a shake for 2 meals a day.  I could not live off eating canned beans and a boiled egg.  I could not deal with giving up foods that I enjoy simply because it’s what my diet says I need to do. And I would probably hurt somebody if I had to eat a plain piece of cooked chicken with broccoli for dinner day-in and day-out.  Actually, put me on a diet like that for a week and I think everyone who walked in front of me might get the evil eye.  I’d be miserable and at the first whiff of whatever “unhealthy” food I smelled, I’d dive in and eat until my stomach was about to explode … or I passed out.
I’ve never considered my weight loss journey with the help of Weight Watchers a diet because it’s not. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a plan I can follow for the rest of my life without feeling deprived. I love Weight Watchers because nothing is off limits.  I’ll be completely honest, if the day I walked into my Weight Watchers meeting to sign up and was told “you can never eat cake, chips, or bread again” I’d have froze, looked around the room – said screw this and walked back out.  I’m the type of person that if you tell me I can’t do something, the stubbornness in me is going to come out and I’ll do it JUST to show you I can.  I love Weight Watchers because it allows me to live in an every day world without feeling as though I don’t “fit in” because I’m not eating the way others are eating.
Everything boils down to moderation, not starvation, or deprivation.  I’m a big snacker.  Always have been, always will be – it’s a part of my lifestyle and it’s something I enjoy.  There are snacks I’ve enjoyed in the past that I simply choose not to have anymore because 1) I can’t control myself with them (known as a trigger food) and 2) they’re just not worth the points associated with them. It doesn’t mean they’re off limits the rest of my life – but they’re foods I don’t keep around, at least until I can feel comfortable with them in the house.
So, back to how do I eat what I eat and still lose weight?  Well, these days I know what a portion size is. I hold myself accountable by eating what is recommended as a serving.  If I want a little extra, I have a little extra, but I hold myself accountable to those extra points plus values associated with that “extra”.  Secondly, I don’t eat out every day. I for the most part cook (or have a pre-packaged meal I weigh-out a serving of) every single meal – breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I can have pizza, cupcakes, French fries, steak and cheese sandwiches, and chips when I want them (granted, not all at the same time!), but I track what I eat, I track what I want and I don’t feel guilty about it.  One thing to keep in mind is I’m not eating these foods day-in and day-out.  Lastly, I don’t even remotely eat like I used to.
I keep myself accountable for whatever I put in my mouth.  I eat my cravings – because I’ve quickly learned that if I try to not have something I want, I eat around it when all is said and done, I should have just eaten what I originally wanted. I enjoy my food. I’ve learned what is and what isn’t worth it. I enjoy preparing meals and shaking things up because the possibilities are endless.  I get in activity when I can.  And I’m not on a diet … this journey isn’t temporary, its a lifestyle.  That is why I can eat whatever I want and still lose weight.

My personal philosophy around the psychology of weight loss

One thing that’s not always talked about with weight loss is how it’s not only a journey into finding health and wellness – but it’s also a journey that’s psychological and emotional. Now, I am not a clinical psychologist or anyone with a psychology background – I am simply a girl who has struggled with her weight her entire life (and I’m talking since I was 3 or 4).
I have lost weight countless times in the past, but I’ve learned in order to truly succeed and to stick with it is to work on the other factors that come along with weight loss.  The reason you started your journey alters as you continue down your path, your outlooks change, and your overall environment can and will change.
Weight loss is not only physical, but it’s also emotional and psychological. Our bodies transform, our habits change, but our minds are the last thing to switch over and sometimes that switch can take years. I’ve learned that regardless of what my body may look like (in clothes, out of clothes, etc) I have to love myself for who I am. My body may not be perfect, but I have to remember where it’s gotten me and what I’ve put it through when I was heavier. I try to remember where my legs have carried me, what my arms have lifted. If I focus on the positive, it makes it so much easier and so much more worth it.
For instance after my first nearly 100 pound weight loss, I could look in a mirror and still see myself as that nearly 400 pound girl when in reality I was anything but.  My brain hadn’t caught up with seeing the new me.  I determined to set my thoughts on positive thinking.  Negativity wasn’t and will not get me anywhere in life.  In fact negativity was the reason I was tipping the scale at nearly 400 pounds.  Everything was a downer; there was no light at the end of the tunnel.  I quickly learned that continuing with that mentality I was only going to hit a brick wall, throw my hands up and give up. I didn’t want to get to that point, so I began changing things slowly.  I tried to see the positive in all aspects – life, work, relationships, friends, family, etc.  Just because someone is having a bad day, it doesn’t mean that I have to let that affect me and my mood and I certainly didn’t need to eat over the frustration they were dealing with.  Over time I realized that if someone was affecting me in a negative way I had to remove myself from that relationship.  Negativity is a malicious disease and it can eat away at you and those around you before you know it.
I’m not saying you can train your brain to switch over in a week, or even a month – but I am saying it’s a gradual process and it takes time and it takes effort.  Finding someone who you can trust to talk to is a huge help – boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, friend, family.  If you can’t find that, there are many therapists out there who will listen to you speak and give you completely unbiased platform to express yourself and even provide unbiased advice, etc.
I admit there are still instances when clothes shopping that I find myself in the plus size section. It then clicks and I ask myself “Why am I over here?” and I move over to the other sections to browse for clothing.  I realize the reason why I sometimes end up in the plus size section is because for my entire pre-teen, teenage and adult life I’ve shopped in plus size sections exclusively so it’s what’s familiar.  Shopping in a juniors section or non-plus size section of a store is foreign to me – even after shopping in those sections for over a year.
It’s a journey, a one day at a time journey that coincides with your healthy lifestyle. Learn to love yourself (and if you can’t do it right now – fake it ‘til you make it), to love your body (remember how strong your body is, keep in mind where you’ve been, where you are and where your ultimate destination is – but please keep realistic expectations) and to enjoy life (because life is no fun when you’re glum).
Four years ago I was a very miserable person inside and out. I’d mask my pain but it was evident in my annoyance, my anger and my “I don’t give a shit” attitude.  Today, I smile a lot more, I’m happy and I work on me day in and day out.  This is a lifetime journey – both my weight loss journey and psychological journey. But keeping myself in check really makes things and the journey so much easier.  I wouldn’t change who I am today because I’ve grown so much over the last 3 years – emotionally, physically and psychologically.  I’m proud of myself today and most importantly I love myself today.

Why Pre-Planning Works for Me

I learned early on in my weight loss journey that pre-planning was definitely in the cards for me.  I have a better week and even a far simpler day when my meals are planned out for me.  It makes avoiding temptation easier and it even gives me things to look forward to – whether that is dessert, a snack, or even a particular meal of the day.
Undoubtedly pre-planning takes a little getting used to, especially if it’s not something you did prior. I do not feel it takes a whole lot of work – if I had to guestimate I would say it takes me about 3-5 minutes to pre-plan my entire day the night before.  Once I know what I’ll be having, I then pack those items up to have in the refrigerator so when I need to leave in the morning I can grab my bag (without having to think) and off I go. Now I choose to pre-plan the night before because when I wake up in the morning I already know what I’m having for breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner.  It simplifies my routine and I love simple.  Dinner is always noted in my tracker and my nightly snack is occasionally jotted down, but there are times where I leave myself with 2-6 points to figure out what I want for snack that night (depending on my mood).
Pre-planning can help you in a multitude of ways.  It can help you watch your spending on groceries (if you’re on a budget you can pre-plan a weeks worth of meals based on your budget and pick and choose from that meal chart). It can push along your weight loss by keeping you focused and on track.  It can be that unseen “angel” on your shoulder giving you the strength to resist the daily temptations that come along with life and food.  It just makes things so much easier.
I personally meal plan daily because I find it to be easier for me, but I have also planned my meals for an entire week – including breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner.  I usually pre-plan weekly meals when I really need focus and structure, particularly when I’ve been in the same food rut.  I like to switch up what I’m eating and when I’m stuck I put everything on paper because it forces me to think outside the box.
Typically I plan my meals around what is in the house (cabinets, freezer and refrigerator), but since I do grocery shop 3-4 times a week (usually it’s to run in to get fresh produce or vegetables and a few other odds and ends) if I see something I want to make I’ll pick it up and incorporate it into the meal plan for the next day.
Breakfast items are typically staple; so I plan those according to what I feel like eating.  Sometimes it’s a “true” breakfast: eggs, home fries and sausage/bacon – other times it’s a deli meat sandwich or even cereal.  There have been a few times where a leftover hamburger has been my breakfast!  The beauty of pre-planning is you really can see and adjust where you spend your point allowance.  For instance, there are instances where I know lunch and dinner are going to be higher in points, so I’ll keep breakfast under a certain amount of points but I ensure it is are going to be equally as filling.
9 times out of 10 I bring a packed lunch from home with me to work.  For years I’ve instilled in myself that it’s just ridiculous to spend $10+ for a meal at lunch for something that I may not necessarily enjoy.  Occasionally I do decide to have lunch out on the go, but I try to ensure those meals are as pre-planned as possible. There have been instances where what I have brought in to eat was just not edible (which I’ve learned try not to bring something in you’ve never eaten before) I do make the exception to grab a quick bite out.  But I try to stick around the same points plus value my original pre-planned lunch was at.  For example, one time I brought in vegetarian eggplant hamburgers with salad and wheat flax pita bread.  The whole lunch was to be 7 points plus.  I had never tried eggplant hamburgers before, but I was feeling adventurous.  When I assembled my hamburgers and took one bite I was completely repulsed. I couldn’t even stomach it with a blocked nose (not that I’d want to spend 7 points plus on something I had to block my nose to eat!).  I ended up needing to reevaluate my lunch plans. Do I go to Subway? Do I go to McDonald’s? I wasn’t feeling either option – so I ended up at the local grocery store, picking up a frozen dinner for 5 points plus and some fresh fruit.
Dinner is normally my biggest point allowance and consumption.  I don’t cook just for myself; I cook for others, so I have to take into account the pallets of others.  Not everyone is going to like the same things, so it’s all about finding a common ground and introducing new foods in fun and unique ways that are flavorful and enjoyable.  I cook because I enjoy it, but I’m not going to make two separate meals – well that is, unless I REALLY want macaroni and cheese (my boyfriend will not eat a food dish that has cheese in/on it – outside of pepperoni pizza) or I want a lower point pasta.  In those instances I’ll throw another small pot of water onto boil – but other than those 2 instances our meal is our meal, no exceptions. Plus, I find knowing what we are having for dinner ahead of time gives us a meal to look forward to.
Understandably life happens and sometimes plans change.  There have been many times where dinner is completely planned out and the phone rings and we’re extended an invite to come over or go out for dinner.  Yes, I follow Weight Watchers but that doesn’t mean I cannot go out for dinner or eat someone else’s food.  That’s the flexibility with Weight Watchers – I can go out and enjoy myself and not feel guilty because I can dip into my 49 weekly points if needed. It’s nothing I get stressed out over, as long as I have the points I’m golden.  The only extra work is deleting what I’ve already tracked in my tracker and replacing it with the new meal I’ll be having in replacement of it.
One of the reasons I love pre-planning is because it keeps me honest and it keeps me incredibly focused. How? Well, yesterday was National Donut Day and I love donuts (probably just as much as I love pizza).  I still eat donuts whenever I want one because it’s a food I enjoy. Well, on this grand day donuts were being given out free to customers who ordered a coffee beverage from two of the local coffee shops in town.  I didn’t order a coffee from Dunkin Donuts, but I did order a coffee from my favorite local coffee house (who also, BTW, sells THE best donuts).  I decided to bypass the donut – letting my boyfriend get 2 donuts for himself.  Why? Because I didn’t plan on having a donut – but I DID plan on having a piece of cake I had made the day before.  That piece of cake was delicious and far better than the momentary enjoyment I would have received from the donut.  Plus, my cake was 4 points plus compared to the 9-13 points plus that donut would have cost me.  Now – if I decided that I really wanted that donut, I could have just juggled up my day.  I would have not had my piece of cake, I would have not had my Pringles and I would have dipped into my weeklies for the remainder of the points I’d have needed to cover it.
I enjoy this method because it keeps me on track and focused, but it also allows me flexibility.  What I have written down is not etched in stone.  If things need to be changed up, I can do that, without guilt.  But I also know I feel like a rockstar having gotten through a whole day, resisting temptation and feeling satisfied with my choices.
Do you pre-plan your meals?  If not, is it something you consider trying?

Non-Scale Victory: Shannon Feels like a Rockstar!

I wanted to share a little non-scale victory.  My brother had a set wedding date for June 1stso I had been looking for dresses online – having order after order shipped to my house and nothing was really a “yes” dress.  Sometimes I’m so used to the old style of dresses (where it covered me up).  At the beginning of my journey I wanted to be covered, boxy dresses and my staple oversized t-shirts that came down to mid-thigh, etc. I then started gravitating towards wrap dresses because they looked better.  Well, fast forward 2 years I found 2 maxi dresses that fit me like a glove and truly made me feel like a rockstar.  Needless to say, I purchased both.  The dress I wore the wedding is similar to this one pictured but its black and white stripped.  3 years ago I would have NEVER purchased either of these dressed – I’d have fawned over them but went home empty handed.  Today I have the ability to grab something off a rack and go to try it on.
I’ve lost 190.6 pounds which is actually MORE than what I currently weigh!  Someone I know saw the photograph and said it looks like I jumped out of myself in the “now” photo.  I may not be at my goal weight, but I’m trudging towards that. It’s taken me 3-years to get where I am today and I will reach that finish line and maybe when I do I’ll find myself an even MORE amazing leopard dress!

Weight Watchers Scale Superstitions!

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This is one of the greatest (and funniest when you start talking to people about it) Weight Watchers superstitions – the scale.
I’m pretty sure we ALL have one scale we prefer.  There’s that feeling that if we don’t weigh-in n that particular scale all hells gonna break loose.  In reality, this isn’t true, but the power of the mind (or just superstitions) can make you think and/or believe anything.  We all have one receptionist or leader that we will wait for to weigh us – at my old meeting before it closed; I stuck with the scale to the left because Kim, the receptionist, weighed me in.  When Kim left the meeting, I stayed with the scale on the left – because lets face it that was MY weigh-in scale.  Occasionally I’d have to weigh-in on the scale on the right (because the person behind that scale wasn’t there) and it subconsciously threw my routine off.  Lets be honest – I’m going to weigh what I weigh regardless of the scale, but I don’t know maybe I just like the left side of things?
Some of us have a specific time we weigh in.  I can’t get that in tune with the time because when I am working I do travel in from outside of Boston, so traffic really puts a hold on my plans at times.  Typically I like to get to my meeting at least 30 minutes early.  Sometimes that time slips on into 45 minutes – but as I’ve said it kind of depends upon traffic, weather, etc.  So a time-frame doesn’t appeal to me BUT a day does … Thursdays.
For the past 3+ years Thursdays have been my day.  If you invite me to dinner on a Thursday, I’ll gladly accept as long as meeting up after 7pm is acceptable.  If it’s not, then we have to pick another day.  I’m a stickler for meetings.  I’ve been doing this 3+ years and I don’t like missing meetings.  I’ve probably missed 4 meetings my whole time “Weight Watchers career” and that because of either travel or a pre-scheduled plan (that was outside of my song and dance).  But I do make a point of finding a meeting either the day before, or day after, so I can at least weigh-in and hear that weeks topic.
Then there are some of us, like me, who have our “weigh in outfit”.  When I first started Weight Watchers my weigh-in outfit was a black pair of stretchty boot cut pants with a light weight t-shirt.  I wore that every single Thursday.  What I’ve learned as I was losing weight was that my weigh-in outfit had to change. My clothes were getting too big on me and it was unacceptable to go to work (because I go to my meeting after work) wearing attire that made me look uncoordinated.  So I upgraded!  New stretchy black pants and a new shirt.  My pants had this fancy little “belt loop” at the waist – well, one side broke.  But I couldn’t find another pair of pants similar to that.  So for about 6-months I wore a pair of pants that had a broken belt loop.  I kid you not – BUT at least my shirt was long enough to cover up the situation.  These days my weigh-in outfit is usually leggings and a very light weight t-shirt from Target.  You can’t get much lighter than that unless you were naked – and I’m not getting naked in a Weight Watchers location.  Sure there are days when it’s snowing, raining, sleeting and I’m like “Why am I wearing leggings?!” as I run from parking lot to Weight Watchers meeting location.
I’ve even developed this little superstition. I eat my lunch and I eat my snack, BUT I don’t eat or drink after 3 – sometimes 3:30.  I just can’t do it.   This is why I always come equipped to my Weight Watcher meeting with a snack and a drink because once I’m off that scale and back to my seat – I’m going to eat and I’m going to drink. One time I broke this rule and drank a soda around 4:30.  I weighed in and was up and I honestly asked the receptionist “How much does a can of soda weigh?” HAH!  I don’t think I had enough time to expel (if you will) the liquid.  So therefore, 3:30 at the latest is my cut-off time for consumption of food and beverage.
I also do this thing when I’m stepping on the scale; I kind of glance up towards the ceiling and hold my breath for a mere second. Oxygen doesn’t weigh anything, so why I do this I don’t know.  But at the end of the day – it’s absolutely hilarious.
I realize nothing I do, or the scale that I choose is going to alter my weigh-in results (well, outside of wearing a completely different outfit). But the mind is a powerful tool!  This is why I always say – THINK positive because it’ll bring POSITIVE results!
Do you have a scale superstition?

Total NSV: Lose for Good

In 2010 I won my local Weight Watchers meetings Lose for Good challenge. It was a friendly competition to donate food for charity and to shed some pounds by incorporating activity into our lifestyles.  In the end, I won a t-shirt at the time.  Upon bringing it home realized it was a size Medium. Let me stress that, when I won this shirt a size medium was no where near my size – it was a distant hope.  I was still surfing the racks in the plus size section and trading clothes with family members.
I folded the t-shirt up and stuffed it in my drawer because I wasn’t going to throw it away.  I EARNED that shirt whether it fit me or not.
It’s been tucked away for 2 years! I found it this morning while looking for something to wear in my drawer. I saw a nearly folded white shirt and thought “What is this?”  I pulled it out and saw it was my Weight Watchers shirt. For a moment, I put it back in the drawer.  Then I thought … for kicks let me put this on.
Guess what?
Thanks, Weight Watchers! This girl is happier than a cucumber and I am STILL losing!