Almond Breeze Vanilla Iced Coffee

I am a coffee lover and I am also a fan of almond milk, so when I saw they had an almond milk iced coffee out, I immediately had to purchase it. Out of the flavors available in my local grocery store, I decided to go with the vanilla.  The other flavors available are original, mocha, caramel macchiato, and vanilla.
I’ve mixed almond milk into my ice coffees and it’s not bad, but this vanilla ice coffee is delicious.  It’s a very smooth ice coffee and creamy in texture.  It really reminds me of the super sugar packed International Delight ice coffees, yet healthier.  It’s also good to cut with ice coffee at home – which is how I’ve been enjoying it recently.  I’ve been using ½ cup of almond milk ice coffee with about 2/3 cup brewed ice coffee. Since the almond milk ice coffee is creamy it blends together well.
This is not bad nutritional facts wise.  A full serving – 1 cup will run you 3 points plus values, whereas a ½ cup serving will cost you 1 points plus value.
Surprisingly my boyfriend really enjoys this ice coffee, which means this will end up being a regular item on our shopping list.  Why is this surprising?  He refuses to drink almond milk … but I admit this is a whole different twist and it doesn’t taste like almond milk.
Have you tried the Almond Breeze ice coffee?