Trader Joe’s Vegetable Samosas

I enjoy a number of Indian dishes and one of the items I truly enjoy is hands down samosas. I used to work with a father and daughter who would bring in homemade samosas to company pot lucks … and my love for them blossomed.  So needless to say, when I spotted these Trader Joe’s Vegetable Samosas I had to give them a go.
I decided to cook these up in the oven and have them for a late lunch.  They cook up and resemble homemade samosas.  While baking in the oven they do let off a little bit of oil residue, which when you’re eating makes your fingers a little shiny, but it’s nothing overwhelming. They’re packed with vegetables and flavor while they are also a little spicy. I found it to be a pleasant spice, but I shared these with my mother who thought it was a little too spicy for her taste.  I enjoyed my samosas with a side salad and it was a delicious meal.
A serving is 2 samosas, which is 170 calories or 4 points plus values.  I would suggest if the samosas are not going to be eaten in one sitting to not heat them all up because as they sit the crust does get softer. I hadn’t put them into the fridge (all were eaten in a day) but I think if they were put into the refrigerator they’d be soggy overnight.
Do you enjoy vegetable samosas?

Trader Joe’s Curry Simmer Sauce

While shopping at Trader Joe’s I noticed the Trader Joe’s Curry Simmer Sauce so I picked up a jar to give it a try.  I enjoy all kinds of curry but typically when having Indian food I order curry or tikka masala.  I decided I’d whip it up for dinner and use some vegetables to possibly cut the heat – which I am grateful I did because the sauce is on the spicier side.
According to the jars directions it states to use the jar of sauce, plus 1 cup of water with 1 pound of boneless chicken, fish or vegetables, etc. and let the mixture simmer on the stove top until cooked through.  I opted to do it a little differently. I added a teaspoon of olive oil to a pan, added in my chicken tenderloin and cooked it on both sides to let it get some color.  I then added in one medium onion sliced and let it cook down together with the chicken for a few minutes before adding in the sauce and water. Mixing it all together, I then added in about ¾ pound of garden fresh green beans.  I let everything simmer together for about 15 minutes or so before turning off the flame.
If I didn’t add the vegetables it would have been more authentic to the way Indian food is served in a restaurant – meat with a lot of sauce. But I felt my dish needed the vegetable, particularly because it’s how I enjoy my food – with a bit of veggie mixed into the dish. The onion and green beans helped bring down the spice a tad, even though all together it was still a spicier dish.  It was definitely enjoyable and something that was quick and easy to pull together – with the combinations being endless.
I did end up stretching the sauce into four meals, simply dividing out the meat equally and serving with helpings of vegetables and sauce.  I also served up plates with ½ cup of brown rice and ½ garlic naan.
There are 3 ½ servings in the jar, with 1/3 cup sauce being a serving.  Each serving has 70 calories, 3 grams of fat, 11 grams of carbs and 2 grams of protein.  A serving of sauce is 2 points plus. 
Have you tried the Trader Joe’s curry simmer sauce?

Whole Foods Chicken Tikka Masala

I purchased this reheat and go Chicken Tikka Masala from Whole Foods.  I love Indian food, but I don’t have it very often. Since my boyfriend isn’t a huge fan for spicy Indian dishes, I tend to gravitate towards frozen or microwavable Indian dishes so I can enjoy them.  Needless to say when I saw this at Whole Foods – without the rice, I had to pick it up.
I heated it up in the microwave and separated it into two containers.  The first day I ate it out of a bowl with some pita bread.  I was literally starving and was boarding on “hangry” and I found it was satisfying and filling.  It is s spicy dish; spicy enough to make my nose start to run, but it wasn’t overwhelmingly hot.    The next day I ate the remainder for lunch over some salad and I found the greens and carrots really helped bring the heat intensity down and it was delicious.  Definitely a nice “go to” meal for me to pick up if I were ever in a bind (at work with a Whole Foods local) and needed something flavorful but lower in points for lunch.
The container houses 2 servings, a serving being 8 ounces (containing the sauce, not just the chicken).  Weighing it out I found there was roughly about 3 ounces of chicken (coated in sauce) in my meal and I added in about 2 ounces of extra sauce.  According to the nutrition information label an 8 ounce serving translated to 4 points plus values.
Have you tried any of Whole Foods packaged microwavable meals?