Jack Daniels Beef Brisket

I purchased a pack of Jack Daniels Beef Brisket at Target when it was on sale.  I had seen this particular product time and time again but had yet to purchase.  On the look out for something new, I decided to grab a pack and have it for lunch one day.
I heated the pack up per the directions – piercing the bag and placing into the microwave.  When done I weighed out my serving – 151 grams.  I paired it up with a baked potato and some canned carrots.  The carrots and potato were delicious but the brisket was mediocre.  It was alright but not something I was a huge fan of.  It was passable as a meal, but not enjoyable and I like to enjoy my food.  The brisket was fatty so I spent a majority of the time cutting the fat off the meat and feeding it to my dogs. They enjoyed it.
I’ve tried a few of the Jack Daniels line items and while I do enjoy the pulled chicken, it is very sweet.  The glaze used on the beef brisket is also sweet, but not sickeningly so.  A 151 gram serving was 5 points plus.  Worth it?  Eh, I don’t know if I’d say it was but it was a meal…
Have you tried any of the Jack Daniels heat and eat meals?