Evri Dressing-2-Go

I found this little Evri Dressing-2-Go device while at Stop & Shop. I’m “guilty” of bringing sides of salad dressing with me when going out to eat, but my technique can get messy or it could potentially make my purse a smelly mess.  So when I saw this little portable dressing container I knew I had to buy it.
The container is a softer silicone which makes squeezing the container easy.  The top screws on and off and it has a flip-top for easy pouring.  It holds almost ¼ cup of salad dressing in it – but I would only a serving size of salad dressing to it.
One fun fact I learned from a fellow Instagramer (which reminds me I need to pick another one of these up):  she uses these to bring coffee creamer with her on the road so she can control her milk/creamer portion!
Have you ever tried a portable dressing container?

Ole Mexican Xtreme Wellness! High Fiber Low Carb Tortilla Wraps

I picked up a pack of the Ole Mexican Xtreme Wellness! High Fiber Low Carb Tortilla Wrapsfrom one of my local grocery stores because I’m always in the market for a tortilla that’s point friendly. I’ve tried the Joseph’s brand and enjoy those and have tried the Trader Joe’s variety, but the Ole Mexican brand has to be the largest tortilla (diameter wise) for the least amount of calories/points.
The tortillas are simply a wheat tortilla that’s higher in fiber and low in carbs. They’re pretty soft and stay pretty soft in the package.  I’ve made turkey wraps and pastrami wraps on them and I’ve even used them as side to a salad to help scoop up some of the lettuce. They’re also great to use to make egg & bacon or egg & sausage wraps for breakfast.  I enjoy the taste of these, it’s not an overwhelming wheat flavor – but I do find these tortillas are satisfying but they’re not as filling as other tortillas I’ve tried.
Each tortilla is 90 calories, which is 1 points plus value, whereas two tortillas are 3 points plus each. They can be relatively pricey depending on your store, but the 2 local stores that carry them, sell them for right under the $5 price tag – which I admit is expensive. I can pick up the Joseph’s tortillas for under $2.
What is your favorite brand of tortillas on the market?