Goldfish Puffs Buffalo Wing

Goldfish launched a new line of snacks which resemble goldfish shaped cheese puffs. These puffs come in a few different flavors, so while at Target I picked up a small double serving bag of Goldfish Puffs Buffalo Wing.
I was hesitant to pick up a full-size bag of the buffalo wing flavored puffs because typically I relate buffalo to flaming hot. I enjoy spice and heat, but for my taste buds too much is overwhelming.  When I cracked open the bag, I was rewarded with the classic buffalo scent. After the first puff I was pleasantly surprised that they weren’t burn a hole in your tongue hot. They’re truly a classic buffalo flavor without being overwhelming – either to spicy or too vinegary. I found as the more I ate of my serving, the more I got the heat, but they never quite got too spicy. The flavor was enjoyable and these have to be my favorite out of the flavors I have tried (mega cheese and salsa con queso).
Each serving is 1.1 oz (roughly 41 pieces) is 140 calories or 4 points plus values.
Have you tried any of the Goldfish Puffs?

Goldfish Puffs – Salsa con Queso

Whodathunkit? Goldfish crackers in the form of (but not in the classic shape of) puffy cheese curls? I have seen the other 3 flavors in the line in stores but had not seen this one until I went to Walmart. Because it seemed so unique, I picked up the Goldfish Puffs Salsa con Queso flavor. I love Goldfish because they give you a cheesy crunch and since the crisps are so small you get more. Technically not because you are getting the same amount in ounces, but looking at the sheer volume of the serving it seems to be more filling (again, eating with your eyes).

The salsa con queso flavor is definitely different when compared to classic plain Goldfish crackers . The puffs are very pungent but packed with flavor. It reminds me exactly of a cheesy salsa … but a very potent one that can make your lips pucker, if that makes any sense. Definitely not for the faint of heart. If you don’t like bold flavors or you don’t like a salsa flavored snack, then this would definitely not be for you. I don’t find these have any sort of “heat” to them but the seasoning can make your tongue feel a little tingly after a while. Personally I felt these were alright, but they aren’t going to be a repurchase for me.

A serving is 41 puffs, which is quite a good amount when put into a bowl. The serving is 4 points plus values. You could say debatable if it’s worth the points, but I did find I enjoyed these — but they weren’t a snack I reached for every day.

Have you tried the new Goldfish Puffs?