Trader Joe’s Spicy Italian Chicken Sausage

I’ve become quite a fan of Trader Joe’s precooked chicken sausages. Recently, my boyfriend and I picked up the Spicy Italian Chicken Sausage on our last trip through Trader Joe’s. I wasn’t sure how spicy or spicy at all these sausages might be. I’ve purchased other brands of “spicy italian” sausages and they were flavored with bell peppers — nothing remotely spicy.

These sausages are very mildly spicy (and I feel that statement is rather generous). They are a far cry from tongue zinging spice but regardless they are one of the best spicy italian sausages I have tried to date. They’re delicious, lean and packed with flavor. I enjoyed them cooked up with some sauteed bell pepper and onion. The only thing missing was the hoagie roll – which we did not purchase at the grocery store.

I cooked these up on the stovetop, but they’d be even better cooked up until nice and crispy on the grill. As with most chicken sausages, you can tell these are chicken so if you’re looking for a sausage that’s got a fatty pork-like consistency, these wouldn’t be for you. But if you enjoy leaner sausage that and is juicy and flavorful minus the unnecessary fat and calories these will be right up your alley. You can dress them up however you choose and it will only build on the flavor category.

Each sausages rings in at 140 calories, which calculates out to be 4 points plus values. Not bad at all for a healthier alternative on a classic.

Have you tried any of the sausages at Trader Joe’s? If so, which is your favorite?

Dinner in under 15 minutes

One of the big excuses as to why folks eat junk is because they don’t have time to make dinner – or to think about what they are going to have for dinner.  Some say it’s easier to pick up a phone and order a pizza or Chinese food.  When in reality if you have foods in your refrigerator in freezer that are precooked and only need heating up to consume you can have dinner on the table in 15 minutes without much effort.
I had purchased some Bob Evan’s home fries to have with breakfast one day and I also purchased some Simply Smart Lightly Breaded Chicken from the refrigerator section to try out.  One night my boyfriend and I had no idea what we wanted to eat and when he mentioned ordering out I remembered we had these items in the fridge.
The chicken went into the toaster oven, the home fries into a non-stick skillet and dinner was done in 15 minutes.  4.5 oz of chicken strips, 6 ounces of home fries (because it was the closest we were going to get to French fries!) and a small side salad with fat free poppyseed dressing.  11 points plus values.
Do you have any “go to” quick and easy meals when you don’t have much time or don’t really know what you want to eat?