Skinny Cow Chocolate Covered Cherry Ice Cream Cones

I’ve learned over the years that having delicious ice cream, doesn’t mean that you have to have ice cream which is loaded with unnecessary fat and sugar.  Most people assume when you’re on a weight loss journey that there are certain things that are just off limits – and that’s not the case.  You can have anything you want in moderation, but it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it or not.  Some full-fat ice creams are just not worth it in my eyes, so in those cases I reach for healthier alternatives to ice cream – one of my favorite brands being Skinny Cow.
I spotted the Chocolate Covered Cherry Ice Cream at Target, so I decided to pick it up because it sounded delicious.  It’s got cherry low fat ice cream which is wrapped in a chocolate cone with fudge topping.  Now I love chocolate covered cherry chocolates, so I figured this just had to be delicious – and it was!  The ice cream was a delicious cherry flavoring mixed with a bit of chocolate sauce.  I am a cone fan, so the chocolate cone was definitely a home-run!
The greatest part?  The ice cream only has 150 calories in it, and it’s only 4 points plus.
What is your favorite Skinny Cow ice cream?