Saturn/Donut Peaches

I spotted these “new” hybrid Saturn Peaches AKA Donut Peaches at Walmart and had to buy them.  I love peaches, but I find they’re only good at certain peaks in the season in my area.  Let alone the fact that peaches typically never go under $3/lb so I don’t buy them often because I’ll be honest I like nectarines a whole lot more.
I purchased these because not only were they different and unique but I could literally smell the sweetness of the peach through the packaging.  They were a little pricy – $2.97 for the pack of 3 but it’s a whole new experience for me peach wise.  The peaches have that classic peach fuzz on the outside but inside it’s a white flesh peach and they are soft, juicy, fragrant, and just plain ole delicious.  I will say make sure you have a napkin handy when you are eating these because the juices flow.
These make m wish I lived down the street from a peach grove.
Have you ever tried Saturn or Donut peaches?