Crystal Light Liquid – Mango Passionfruit Drink Mix

Considering I drink so much water, I have become a huge lover of Crystal Light.  Water is fabulous for you but it can be rather plain – plus by throwing a packet of Crystal Light in my water I feel as though I am having a treat.  Pre-Weight Watchers I enjoyed my juice and punches once in a while, so this is a nice “ode to juice” if you will.
When I saw that Crystal Light had come out with a liquid version of their sweetener I originally passed up on it.  I haven’t been the biggest fan of some of the liquid water flavorings that have come out.  But since I have such great faith in Crystal Light I decided to pick up the Mango Passionfruit flavor.
I do find you need to add more than the recommended squirts to obtain a decent flavoring – especially if you’re drinking 30 ounces of water at a time like I am.  I can’t handle that moderately flavored water – it makes me want to gag.  But I find by throwing a few extra squirts in, it really boosts the flavor and makes it delicious.  The mango passionfruit flavor is totally delicious.  Once I finish the bottle I do plan on picking up another to have for when I want it.
Have you tried the new Crystal Light liquid drink mixes?