Skinnytaste Healthy Cookies (3 ingredient cookies!)

A couple weeks ago we had bananas on the counter that way were too overripe to eat.  Granted, I don’t like to eat bananas if they start to develop brown spots, but these were banana bread ready brown.
I remembered seeing a cookie on the Skinnytaste website that only used 3 ingredients and I made a mental note to try them whenever we had bananas ready.  I’ve made cookies before that included 5 ingredients, but anything to simplify a process and also reduce the Points Plus value I am all for it!  I mean for 1 point plus value a cookie – how can you go wrong?
I made 1 ½ batches because I had 3 bananas.  Quite possibly the easiest thing I have made – there is no screwing this one up.  Mash your bananas up in a bowl, add in your quick cooking oats and add in your chopped walnuts. Mix. Place mixture onto a cookie sheet and bake.  It can’t possibly get any easier.  The most “difficult” part is the counting.
My thoughts? These are quite good warm and straight out of the oven, but I don’t necessarily like them after they’ve cooled overnight.  They’re not sweet and the walnuts give it that nice crunch.  Without the walnuts (or if you’re allergic I’d say substitute with mini chocolate chips or diced up raisins) they’d be lack luster and a little boring. They remind me of homemade banana bread with oatmeal in it. My boyfriend was quite a fan.