Banana Babies – Milk Chocolate

I never knew frozen chocolate covered bananas were sold at the grocery store.  I naively only thought they were sold at fairs because that’s typically where I’ve always seen them.  Low and behold, you can say I was quite surprised to spot these on my grocery stores freezer shelf.  Nowadays there are more and more frozen chocolate covered bananas popping up on shelves – primarily cut up into bite size pieces.
Banana Babies are made by the company Diana’s Bananas and are usually found in the ice cream section alongside the packaged ice cream cones, etc.  Each banana baby is a half of a large banana, on a stick, covered in milk chocolate and frozen solid.  They are great because they do take a while to eat, allowing you to enjoy your snack instead of devouring it quickly.  Since it’s not made of ice cream, there’s no worry about it melting.  The bananas are creamy and it gives a classic fruit a whole new twist.
Each banana is 4 points plus values.  There are other flavors available: dark chocolate and milk chocolate with peanuts.  I cannot confirm the points plus values for those two varieties though.
Have you tried banana babies?