LUNA Protein Bar Review & GIVEAWAY!

I was provided a few LUNA Protein Bars for review purposes, provided by LUNA to spread the word in regard to Celiac Awareness Day.

Friday, September 13th is National Celiac Awareness Day.  Incase you’re not aware – celiac disease is a condition that overtime damages the lining of an individuals small intestine.  The damage happens due to an adverse reaction to eating products that contain gluten.  Gluten is typically found in items such as wheat, barley, rye, etc.  The damage to the intestine prevents absorption of some nutrients which overtime can cause weight loss, bloating and unsettling bowel movements. It can also cause stomach pains for the individual who consumed the product containing gluten.  Unfortunately there is no cure for celiac disease; the only way to manage celiac disease is for the infected individual to eat a strict gluten-free diet.  According to research 78% of sufferers actually don’t realize they have the condition.
Luna Protein Bars are gluten free and can be consumed by individuals who have celiac disease but also by any individual who is on the hunt for a nutritious protein bar.  I personally do not have celiac disease, but I do know many folks who suffer from it. I’ve heard that an attack is by-far not a pleasant experience – while also finding gluten free products, that are truly gluten free (meaning a company does not falsely advertise items as gluten free), can sometimes be a hassle for individuals. I am however typically on the hunt for a nutritious and delicious protein bar.
Upon opening the box provided by LUNA I found the weather (we got a crazy, humid 90+ heat wave for a few days) was not kind to the coated bars. I nearly squished one with my fingertips, so I kindly set the box in the refrigerator to chill before taking it back out and letting them sit at room temperature for half the day.  So with that, please ignore the appearance of the bars in the photos … they were pretty much melted and then reset after receipt.  Once I was able to handle them, I found I was provided a bar in each of the three flavors:
          LUNA Protein Bar – Chocolate Peanut Butter (5 points plus values)

          LUNA Protein Bar – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (5 points plus values)

          LUNA Protein Bar – Mint Chocolate Chip (4 points plus values)
Over the course of the last 6-months I have dabbled heavily in the protein bar world.  I’ve tried some I’ve loved and I’ve tried some I wish I never took a bite of. And I admit I had yet to try the LUNA Protein bars until receiving these.  Initially I was intrigued by the Mint flavoring because from what I understood about the brand, the protein bars are encased in a chocolate coating which make it like a guilt-free “candy bar” of protein-sorts.
One thing I can say is the bars are smaller in size.  They’re smaller than an average size say Snickers bar.  Even though they are small, they do pack a protein punch – each of the bars providing 12 grams, which can definitely be satisfying.  I wouldn’t suggest eating one of these as a meal, but perhaps as a snack, or even a before/after gym treat.  With the coating, they really do have a “guilty” vibe to them even though they’re not really guilty in that sense.
The first bar I tried was the Mint Chocolate Chip.  The center of the bar has a chewy nougat,.  The first bite you’re rewarded with a delicious mint chocolate chip flavor – reminiscent of the decadent Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies. Mint flavor aside, as you chew you are left with an aftertaste which is usually found in protein bars. It’s not overwhelming, but it’s undoubtedly there – which is more than likely the soy and whey showing they’re present.
The second bar I tried was the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. The bar itself is definitely true to its name – providing a delicious cookie dough flavoring. The center is soft in texture and mildly chewy. The center also looks like chocolate chip cookie dough which in a weird way makes it fun to eat. There isn’t much of a noticeable aftertaste in this bar and I have to say out of the three this one is undoubtedly my favorite.
The final bar I tried was the Chocolate Peanut Butter. The center nougat has a very pleasant peanut butter flavor, but as you bite into it, you are rewarded with an unexpected crunch. It’s a crispy rice crispy like crunch, which definitely give it a unique texture.  This like the chocolate chip cookie dough does not provide a very noticeable aftertaste. This would definitely be my second favorite.
These are filling but I want to point out that the blend of soy and whey can inevitably upset your tummy. It will depend on how you digest the two, but I found a couple hours after sampling them, my stomach felt a little odd. Not queasy or sick but just … off. Then again it could have been my sampling of 3 flavors even though I only had about 1/4 of each bar.  My boyfriend took a few bites of each to sample and he said he felt full from them, but his stomach wasn’t doing the backstroke.

LUNA Protein Bars are sold at retailers like Walmart and Target and can also be found on local grocery store shelves in full-size boxes or sold individually.

To enter the giveaway, use the below Rafflecopter.  The giveaway will close Sunday, September 15that 12am (midnight). At the close of the giveaway, I will contact the winner via e-mail to inquire about the flavor of your choice (see flavors here).

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Disclosure: LUNA provided these products free of charge and is sponsoring the giveaway. I have not been paid to review this product, nor am I a brand affiliate. The opinions expressed, as with all my blog posts, are mine and mine alone.