Weight Watchers Scale Superstitions!

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This is one of the greatest (and funniest when you start talking to people about it) Weight Watchers superstitions – the scale.
I’m pretty sure we ALL have one scale we prefer.  There’s that feeling that if we don’t weigh-in n that particular scale all hells gonna break loose.  In reality, this isn’t true, but the power of the mind (or just superstitions) can make you think and/or believe anything.  We all have one receptionist or leader that we will wait for to weigh us – at my old meeting before it closed; I stuck with the scale to the left because Kim, the receptionist, weighed me in.  When Kim left the meeting, I stayed with the scale on the left – because lets face it that was MY weigh-in scale.  Occasionally I’d have to weigh-in on the scale on the right (because the person behind that scale wasn’t there) and it subconsciously threw my routine off.  Lets be honest – I’m going to weigh what I weigh regardless of the scale, but I don’t know maybe I just like the left side of things?
Some of us have a specific time we weigh in.  I can’t get that in tune with the time because when I am working I do travel in from outside of Boston, so traffic really puts a hold on my plans at times.  Typically I like to get to my meeting at least 30 minutes early.  Sometimes that time slips on into 45 minutes – but as I’ve said it kind of depends upon traffic, weather, etc.  So a time-frame doesn’t appeal to me BUT a day does … Thursdays.
For the past 3+ years Thursdays have been my day.  If you invite me to dinner on a Thursday, I’ll gladly accept as long as meeting up after 7pm is acceptable.  If it’s not, then we have to pick another day.  I’m a stickler for meetings.  I’ve been doing this 3+ years and I don’t like missing meetings.  I’ve probably missed 4 meetings my whole time “Weight Watchers career” and that because of either travel or a pre-scheduled plan (that was outside of my song and dance).  But I do make a point of finding a meeting either the day before, or day after, so I can at least weigh-in and hear that weeks topic.
Then there are some of us, like me, who have our “weigh in outfit”.  When I first started Weight Watchers my weigh-in outfit was a black pair of stretchty boot cut pants with a light weight t-shirt.  I wore that every single Thursday.  What I’ve learned as I was losing weight was that my weigh-in outfit had to change. My clothes were getting too big on me and it was unacceptable to go to work (because I go to my meeting after work) wearing attire that made me look uncoordinated.  So I upgraded!  New stretchy black pants and a new shirt.  My pants had this fancy little “belt loop” at the waist – well, one side broke.  But I couldn’t find another pair of pants similar to that.  So for about 6-months I wore a pair of pants that had a broken belt loop.  I kid you not – BUT at least my shirt was long enough to cover up the situation.  These days my weigh-in outfit is usually leggings and a very light weight t-shirt from Target.  You can’t get much lighter than that unless you were naked – and I’m not getting naked in a Weight Watchers location.  Sure there are days when it’s snowing, raining, sleeting and I’m like “Why am I wearing leggings?!” as I run from parking lot to Weight Watchers meeting location.
I’ve even developed this little superstition. I eat my lunch and I eat my snack, BUT I don’t eat or drink after 3 – sometimes 3:30.  I just can’t do it.   This is why I always come equipped to my Weight Watcher meeting with a snack and a drink because once I’m off that scale and back to my seat – I’m going to eat and I’m going to drink. One time I broke this rule and drank a soda around 4:30.  I weighed in and was up and I honestly asked the receptionist “How much does a can of soda weigh?” HAH!  I don’t think I had enough time to expel (if you will) the liquid.  So therefore, 3:30 at the latest is my cut-off time for consumption of food and beverage.
I also do this thing when I’m stepping on the scale; I kind of glance up towards the ceiling and hold my breath for a mere second. Oxygen doesn’t weigh anything, so why I do this I don’t know.  But at the end of the day – it’s absolutely hilarious.
I realize nothing I do, or the scale that I choose is going to alter my weigh-in results (well, outside of wearing a completely different outfit). But the mind is a powerful tool!  This is why I always say – THINK positive because it’ll bring POSITIVE results!
Do you have a scale superstition?