Swiss Miss No Sugar Added Hot Cocoa

I love hot cocoa – but I tend to only drink it in the fall and winter months – probably because I associate it with a warm and cozy beverage. Sure, I drink hot coffee all year round, but cocoa has it’s place – at least in my book.  I usually prefer the original cocoa, but I received this box for free – so no sugar added it was.
Swiss Miss No Sugar Added Hot Cocoa is Swiss Miss’ take at hot cocoa that is without the added sugar in comparison to the original. I find this one to be pleasantly sweet enough without it being too much. There are occasions where regular hot cocoa is just too sweet for my taste buds.  This particular type is smooth, creamy, rich and delicious. It could be made with hot milk to make it even more filling but I tend to prefer my hot cocoa made with water and perhaps a splash of milk to help cool it down just a tad.
A single packet is 60 calories or 2 points plus values (truthfully, the same points plus value of the original Swiss Miss – but if sugar is a concern for you – this is good).
How do you prefer your hot chocolate/cocoa?