Trader Joe’s Cast Off the Licorice Lines – Strawberry

I purchase these for my boyfriend.  He is a self proclaimed lover of licorice.  Twizzlers are one of his favorite candies – so while at Trader Joe’s I noticed they had a strawberry licorice and it was 99 cents for a pretty large package, so I grabbed one.  He opened it that night and said it was the best licorice he’s ever had because it’s a true strawberry flavor.  Needless to say, since that trip (almost 3-months ago) it’s been a staple purchase every time I have gone to Trader Joe’s.
Taste wise?  They are definitely a true strawberry flavor – it’s not a chemically driven strawberry.  But when comparing to Twizzlers it’s not the same thing.  Twizzlers also have this, almost filmly oil taste that is left on your tongue.  You do not get that with these Trader Joe’s licorice.  They’re not really hard, they’re a softer licorice but not soft-soft … I guess middle of the road in softness?  They’re definitely not gonna break your tooth BUT they’re also not mushy.  A serving size is 4 pieces, which in Weight Watcher’s Points Plus points will cost you 3 ppv.
I’m not sure if these are going to be a staple item at Trader Joe’s or if they’re a limited edition product.  TJ’s tends to bring products in for a limited time – so I can’t say for sure if this is one of them.  If they are, or if they aren’t, and you can get your hands on them – I highly suggest them, especially if you’re a licorice lover.  They’re yummy!