Trader Joe’s Milk Chocolate Crisps

These delicious littleMilk Chocolate Crisps are a chocolate I have been eyeing on numerous trips through Trader Joe’s.  I evidently was in a chocolate mood because they finally made their way into my shopping cart.  I will point out that I have seen a Walgreen’s version of this sold in their stores BUT I have not tried those, so I cannot vouch for those but I can vouch for these.
There were a few things that sold me on these particular chocolate crisps.  First and foremost they are shaped like potato chips. Secondly they are milk chocolate with crunchy bits in them. Third of all they have a 12 piece serving size.  To say these lived up to my expectations, isn’t saying enough. These delicious little treasures exceeded my expectations.  They were just phenomenal from the first bite. Smooth and creamy milk chocolate with little crunchy rice bits (which really reminded me of broken up potato chips).  In all honesty 6 pieces is more than enough to satisfy any sweet tooth because they can become very rich after a few crisps. They just hit a home run for my boyfriend and I.
For 12 pieces it calculates into 6 points plus values, which I felt wasn’t bad for the serving size.  The serving size can easily be cut in half for 3 points plus values.
Have you tried any of the crisps from Trader Joe’s and/or the Walgreen’s version of these?