Weight Watchers Snacks Haul

I picked up a few items at my Weight Watchers meeting a few weeks ago primarily because I really wanted to try one of them and the others sounded interesting.  In celebration of Weight Watchers being a withstanding business for 50 years, they came out with a new snack bar – Celebration Cake.  I’d heard so many people saying how delicious these bars were.  I had waited almost a month before I caved and picked up a box and I have to say they are absolutely delicious! They give you that definitive sweetness you’d get from a piece of birthday cake and I find the texture is a little spongey-ish.  Definitely really good and I find I’m able to have one without wanting another.  I also picked up a box of Fruities.  I’ve seen fruities for the longest time and finally decided to try them … I got a box of cherry, which are REALLY chewy candy bits (think Swedish fish just harder and chewier) and a box of Citrus Drops which are soft chews.
Of course all these products are only available at a Weight Watchers meeting or store-front.  Prices vary based on weekly/monthly sales, etc.
Have you ever tried a Weight Watchers product?