Trader Joe’s Pizza Veggie Burgers

I saw these Pizza Veggie Burgers advertised on the Trader Joe’s website as a new product and I was intrigued.  I’m a fan of veggie burgers but I only like certain brands of veggie burgers.  I’ve tried pizza veggie burgers in the past and it was a complete fail, but I figured Trader Joe’s very rarely lets me down.  Low and behold when I went into Trader Joe’s they were offering a demo (as they do all the time) and the product in the demo was the pizza veggie burger with marinara sauce.  One bite and I was hooked and into my cart both products went.
The pizza burgers are made with tomato basil and mozzarella cheese.  I opted to heat my burger up in the microwave – but you can heat it up on the stove top as well.  I topped it with some homemade pizza sauce I had whipped together for dinner that night.
It was so delicious.  The burger tastes like pizza would – saucy, cheesy and just delicious.  Topped with some extra sauce it’s just a party on a plate.  I’m not biased at all when I saw this is one of the best pizza veggie burgers I have ever tried.  When I finish the rest of the box, I will undoubtedly be purchasing another box.
Each burger is 130 calories – 3 points plus each. Well worth it, in my opinon.
Have you tried the Trader Joe’s Pizza Veggie Burgers?

Morning Star Garden Vegetable Patties & Veggie Dogs

While at Target I picked up a box of Morning Star Garden Vegetable Patties and a box of Veggie Dogs using coupons I received from BzzAgent.  One for a free box and the other for $1 off.  This particular week Morning Star products were on sale for $2.99 so I got the box of hot dogs for right under $2.
I have had Morning Star products in the past and have found that out of the vegetarian options out there these were my favorite out of the few different ones I’ve tried (i.e., Boca Burgers).  I’ve tried a number of different options Morning Star sells (breakfast sausage, spicy black bean burgers, chick’n nuggets, and pre-packaged frozen meals) and there has yet to be one that I’ve disliked.  The two that I happened to purchase this time around are two flavors that I have not tried in the past.
The Veggie Dogswere quite interesting because I wasn’t sure what to expect.  They were simple to make (microwaved for 1 minute) and I enjoyed them on a slice of bread, topped with staple hot dog condiments – mustard, relish and reduced sugar ketchup.  They do have a relatively similar texture to skinless hot dogs but they have a distinct smell (not completely appalling, but noticeable).  I found myself eating these almost everyday as a snack or an in-between meal.  Since I am a Weight Watchers member I found them to be perfect on the Points Plus scale – ringing in at 1 PPV each.
The Garden Vegetable Patties were quite delicious!  I decided to have two patties for lunch because I was absolutely starving.  I cooked them through in the microwave, per the box directions.  When done I served them up on wheat flax pitas and topped the burgers with a tablespoon of Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt Guacamole, spicy brown mustard, reduced sugar ketchup, fresh sliced tomatoes, sliced onion and bagged lettuce.  For a sandwich filled with vegetables, it was packed with flavor and so yummy.  As an avid meat eater – the meat was not missed in this particular meal.  It was delicious.  Point Plus wise it was 3 PPV for one patty, or 5 PPV for two patties.
Overall I find the Morning Star brand to be highly favorable – packed with flavor, low on caloric stats and extremely versatile.  The flavors of the burgers and products are not completely overwhelming and blend well with added flavors.
Have you tried Morning Star products? If so, what’s your favorite flavor?

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