Fettuccine Bolognese with Turkey Sausage

This is a meal I thought up and whipped together last week.  We had ground turkey in the refrigerator and I really wanted a meat sauce along with some new turkey sausages we picked up at the store, so that’s what I made!
I admit I made two variations of this dish – the only difference being pasta sauce and regular pasta.  I had 1 cup of Light Ragu in the refrigerator for myself to use, so I opened a bottle of Francesco Rinaldi to mix with the meat for my boyfriends dish.  Whereas I had 2 servings of Carba-Nada remaining so I made those for myself, and made regular Barilla pasta for my boyfriend.  I do eat “regular” white or whole grain pasta, but since I’ve lost 2 daily points over the last month I’ve been trying to find ways to get in volume without eating unnecessary points.
This was delicious, filling, meaty and just packed with flavor.  I whipped up 2 servings to have a dinner to put in the fridge for the next day.  Here’s how I made it:
I removed 4 ounces of cooked 93% turkey and turkey pepperoni mixture that I had cooked down with onion.  I added in a few tablespoons of drained diced canned tomatoes, my 1 cup of Light Ragu pasta sauce and stirred it together to combine.  I then added in my cooked Carba-Nada pasta and tossed then evenly divided the pasta amongst two dishes.
I added Francesco Rinaldi sauce to the remaining meat mixture, and then combined with the cooked Barilla pasta.  I made about 7 servings of pasta in my boyfriends since he typically eats 4 ounces of pasta at dinner and I made my mother two plates to have for herself.
As a side, I cooked up some turkey sausage I had picked up to try out and I have to say it was THE best turkey sausage I have ever eaten. It reminded me of true run of the mill pork sausage. It was mind blowing on my taste buds.
Overall the entire plate was only 8 points plus!