Haul: New Balance Sneakers

Since I attend zumba classes, I have always been on the lookout for a pair of sneakers that would be suitable for the class – but would also be suitable for my feet. Nearly 1 ½ years ago I was taking trips to dance shoe/accessories stores looking for dance shoes many folks who take zumba wear.  Low and behold those shoes are NOT made for me. I need a nice sole to my shoe or I’m going to injure myself or aggravate my bone spurs to the point walking is difficult.  After coming up empty handed time after time I essentially gave up my search and continued taking classes wearing my regular Nike sneakers (which I adore).
Unfortunately my Nike’s were not made for a gym class floor. The treads on my sneakers would grip the floor – which frankly they’re designed to do, but when I’m swiveling around and trying to do dance foot movements, it becomes increasingly difficult. I’ve twisted my knee a few times thanks to my sneakers gripping the floor and my knee going in the opposite direction.  So finally, after being afraid of breaking/tearing something I decided to get back on the zumba shoe train.
After extensive research for a few weeks I narrowed my shoe search down to a few specific pairs – Nike and New Balance. But after going to the Nike outlet I opted to look for the Nike Musique – which I was told was available on their website. Sadly, I could not find them anywhere … so I went onward with New Balance.  In town we have a New Balance store, so I went and browsed around. The women’s options were not available for me (not in stock and I’m too impatient to wait/order), so I went with the men’s department.
I picked up a pair of Revlite Trainers and I absolutely LOVE them! They’re comfortable, they fit and they’re just a great dance shoe. I’m able to move around without my feet sticking to the wood floor. The one downside… I need to find a good pair of shoe inserts that can provide a bit more cushioning under the pad of my foot, near my toes. Again, foot issues – but once I find those, I’ll be perfectly set!
BTW! Great news! My feet have gone down another WHOLE size! I had been buying the same ole size of sneakers because they were comfortable but now I know the true size of my feetsies!