Trader Joe’s British Style Crumpets – Cinnamon

I’d heard about British Style Crumpets being sold at Trader Joe’s via a YouTube video, so that sent me into motion. I put crumpets on my shopping list and spotted them while at Trader Joe’s.  They had original (which I find are also sold at my local grocery store) and Cinnamon.  Figuring out the points plus values, I decided they were point friendly enough to come home with me – so home with me they came!
I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first tried them but surprisingly they are really good!  It reminded me of a total cross between an English muffin and a pancake. Now that I think of it, McDonald’s more than likely “developed” their McGriddle around the lines of a crumpet. The cinnamon flavor is very mild, it just kind of lingers in the background – it is no where a “BAM! Cinnamon” flavor.
I enjoyed them warm and slightly crisped out of the toaster, spritzed with spray butter.  I found they were yummy and simple in this manner. But the possibilities are quite endless.  Jelly, jam, peanut butter, cookie butter – even cutting them in half and using it as a breakfast sandwich bread.  If I recall they weren’t very expensive, under $3 a pack and yes, I will be repurchasing them because I did enjoy them.
These are also 3 points plus each.
Have you ever had a crumpet? If so, how do you enjoy yours?