Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Sundae

Whoever said you need to go to the ice cream stand to get ice cream stand quality sundaes?  Not I!
This here is a marvelous concoction I whipped together one night or my boyfriend and I to have as a dessert while watching a movie.  We had some strawberry low fat frozen yogurt in the freezer. Deciding to just rid ourselves of the container to be able to buy another one, we split it.  I took out a 1 cup serving for myself, giving my boyfriend the remainder.  I sliced up some fresh strawberries and a whole banana and divided those equally among the two bowls.  I then stuck two Trader Joe’s Speculoos cookies along the edges of the bowl.  And then I got fancy… I took my beloved Cookie Butter (Trader Joe’s marvelous creation) out of the cabinet, measured out a tablespoon and microwaved it for a few seconds.  Stirred and put it back in for a few more seconds.  When it got ooey gooey I drizzled it over the top of one sundae and returned back to the cookie butter to do the same to the other.
Needless to say this was heavenly.  A bit sweet because Cookie Butter is sweet on its own – then on top of frozen yogurt and naturally sweetened fruit it definitely knocked the glycemic index up there.  But it was to die for.  Sure it was a 9 points plus ice cream BUT if I went out and got a sundae from my local ice cream parlor, it would have cost me probably upwards to 30+ points plus.
Do you make sweet treat desserts at home?