Mystic Pizza – House Special

This is what you get for dinner when you are hungry, at the grocery store and decide you just really don’t want to cook when you get home (especially when it’s late and dinner would have taken an hour to prep and serve).
I texted my boyfriend and asked him if pizza sounded fine.  I was carousing the frozen pizza section (because I admit, it’s my favorite food) and spotted a new type of Mystic Pizza so I decided to grab it. I’ve had Mystic Pizza in the past and I’ve found it’s one of the better frozen pizzas – not my favorite, but I definitely prefer it over many brands.  This particular one stated it was “larger family size” which was interesting, because I know from previous experience the Mystic brand frozen pizzas tend to be on the smaller side.
The House Special had pepperoni, meatball, sausage, green & red peppers, onions and mushrooms on it.  Supreme pizza was my all-time favorite pizza back in my hay day and by looking at the nutritional information and finding it was pretty point friendly, I immediately decided this HAD to be dinner.  Not only did it have all the toppings I enjoy, but it was only 7 points plus for 1 1/5th of the pizza.  Perfect!
I baked it up, cut it up and served and we were all impressed with the product.  Delicious, flavorful and two thumbs up.  Definitely a repurchase next time I am in the mood for a supreme pizza.
What is your favorite frozen pizza?

VitaPizza – Meatless Pepperoni Supreme

Firstly, I want to say I had been looking for these VitaPizzas forEVER! Incase you’re not aware – VitaTop makes VitaPizza while they also make I want to say VitaWich.  Basically VitaTops are a healthier alternative to a muffin top and brownies, VitaPizza is a healthier swing on a personal pizza and VitaWich is a healthier alternative on breakfast sandwiches.  I’ve had VitaTops and I’m not a huge lover of them – but I do find their corn muffin top if my fav (since I love corn muffin anything).  VitaWiches were meh, not my thing … so all that was left was VitaPizza.  I spotted this at my local Shaws Supermarket (and recently just spotted it at Stop & Shop for SO much cheaper that I picked another one up).
As a lover of pizza – and all kinds, I will say this does the job of providing you a healthier alternative to pizza for less calories and Weight Watchers Pointsplus values BUT it’s not the most amazing thing I’ve ever eaten.  I did cook mine a little longer than recommended to crisp up the crust a lot more.  It’s a little blander tasting, so I did add some garlic powder and sriracha to my pizza which boosted up the flavoring and made it a lot more palatable BUT it is very filling.
For 5 points plus I feel you can’t go wrong.  I mean is it something I would purposefully hunt down again? Probably not – but when I know it may be a tough week and I’m going to WANT pizza it may be nice to have in the freezer – hence why I bought another one.
Have you tried any of the Vita products?