BzzCampaign: Café Escapes Review

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Being an active part of BzzAgent, I was invited to take part in the Café Escapes BzzCampaign. I was excited initially because I LOVE hot chocolate.  I don’t drink a whole lot of it these days because it’s usually so high in sugars, calories (points) and just makes me feel sooo sleepy after consuming.  I do reach for my handy dandy Diet Swiss Miss when I’m in the mood for hot cocoa .  I admit I’ve never ventured into hot cocoa for my Keurig machine so this intrigued me.  I mean, how simple can we make it?
I received quite a sampling in my BzzAgent kit, so I stuck them all into my K-Cup holder and off and sampling we went.  The flavors received were:
– Café Vanilla (x2)
– Café Caramel (x2)
– Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa
– Chai Latte
– Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa
– Café Mocha
My boyfriend tried a Café Vanilla first and his end result was it wasn’t that good – it was watery – really gross and he ended up pouring it down the drain.  I tried the Chai Latte, Café Caramel and was NOT impressed. The Chai Latte was so bland and watery that I couldn’t force myself to chug through the rest of it.  The caramel was watery and overpoweringly sweet.  Just gross.  Friends and family tried the hot cocoas and no one was truly impressed with the end result.  The consistency always stays watery and it’s no where near the “thickness” you should get with hot chocolate or even a latte.
Overall – 2 thumbs down.  This is not a product I’d recommend anyone pick up.
Have you tried any of the Café Escapes products?

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