Yoplait Light Mocha Mint Yogurt

Yoplait comes out with special limited edition yogurt flavors depending on the season.  Since I’m a big yogurt fan, I tend to try the limited edition flavors because typically they’re a nice change to the norm.  So while at Target I spotted and picked up the Yoplait Light Mocha Mint Yogurt.
Usually I buy fat free yogurts, the exception being some Greek yogurts.  Yoplait can be spot on with their flavors, so I went into this with high hopes … although I admit I was slightly afraid. Finally I pulled a container out of the fridge and upon opening it up I was rather afraid to take a bite because of the grayish look to the yogurt. Two bites in and I couldn’t handle it. It was a minty yogurt flavor that was slightly chocolaty but had a tart yogurt flavor to it. which was all around repulsive. I was NOT a fan and since I found it to be so gross I couldn’t even offer it up to family/friends so I threw the yogurt and the other three in the package in the garbage.  I’m gong to keep a mental note to not purchase anymore “mint chocolate” flavored yogurts.
A serving is 60 calories or 2 points plus values.
Have you tried the limited edition flavors by Yoplait for December/January?

Trader Joe’s – Trader Giotto’s Gorgonzola Chicken

I’m a big fan of Trader Joe’s products and have since been dabbling in the prepared foods at Trader Joe’s. As with any sort of prepared dish, it’s hit or miss, you can only judge by the look on the box, the description and your personal food tastes.
I saw this Trader Giotto’s Gorgonzola Chicken pasta dish in the refrigerated section at Trader Joe’s. It intrigued me simply by the picture on the box. I checked out the nutrition facts, calculated the points plus values and decided it was point friendly enough to give it a go.  I admit, I haven’t had any dish in a gorgonzola cheese sauce, but since I like bleu cheese (which gorgonzola is similar to) I decided to give it a shot.  I heated the dish up in the microwave per the box directions and split it into two servings.
After pulling the plastic covering off the dish once heated, I noticed mushrooms. Huh? I looked back at the box and read the description “white chicken meat, bowtie pasta, asparagus and peas in a Gorgonzola cheese sauce.”  Yeah, as I suspected, no mention of mushrooms. I’m not a big fan of mushrooms – I enjoy mushrooms in certain dishes, but in others I just do not, this is one that I did not enjoy it in. Plus, I’ve got an odd nose (along with my food texture issues) but I can smell a mushroom in a dish and the mushroom scent was overwhelming. Swallowing my moderate dislike in mushrooms, I took a bite – WHOA bold. The gorgonzola cheese sauce is definitely pungent … a pack a punch and knock you down pungent.
The cheese naturally is salty, but this was very salty and very strong in flavor. Not for the faint of heart. I couldn’t handle it. Three bites in I threw in the towel and tossed the dish.
Points plus wise, a serving (half a container) is 7 points plus values.
What is one of your favorite OR unfavorite Trader Joe’s products?

Trader Joe’s Lobster Ravioli

I introduced my mother to the amazingness that is Trader Joe’s.  While there, she spotted the Trader Joe’s Lobster Ravioli and wanted to give it a try.  I vouched that I’d try it with her even though I am truly not a lobster fan.  I’ve tried to eat lobster numerous times, but I just can’t get past the texture.  I know I know … I’m a bad New Englander!
Typically I love Trader Joe’s items and had high hopes that this would transform me into a lobster lover. I mean, ravioli’s are delicious, so I was hoping it was possible. I mean I began to enjoy shrimp after my mother started making her homemade bake stuffed shrimp so I feel anything is possible!
These were boiled per the package directions and once cooked, removed from the water. My mom had her serving with butter on it and I spritzed mine with spray butter.  I was a little hesitant because the ravioli had a very strong fishy scent just sitting in the bowl.  Considering I’m not the biggest fan of seafood, I was a little turned off.  But I decided I’d give it my all…
First bite I thought these are very fishy. Second bite, it started to taste like the inner portion of a very fishy crab cake (and it resembled one, but a red colored crab cake). Third bite (this from one ravioli BTW) I was completely repulsed and couldn’t handle anymore.  These are just HORRIBLE!  My mom, who is a lobster fan, was completely repulsed by these.  She ate almost 2 ravioli and threw in the towel.  I admit, she was a lot braver than I because I threw in the towel after 1. Her facial expression said it all, but she did let me know they were completely disgusting.
High hopes aside, this is an item I will not be repurchasing ever again.  A serving was ½ the container – roughly 6 ravioli and the serving was 7 points plus. Not worth even the few points I threw away testing these out. Yuck!
What is one food you had high hopes for but it turned out to be a giant flop?

Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt – Pizza Primavera

I purchased this pizza up during one of my trips to Trader Joe’s after seeing a fellow Weight Watchers member mention she had purchased it.  Since I am a HUGE pizza lover, I decided it was best to give this a shot because if I could have a whole mini personal pizza without the guilt – why not, right?  The single serving pizza is sold in the freezer section and on the box looks as though it would be appetizing.  The box states it contains yellow squash, zucchini, eggplant and bell peppers.  Reading the back of the box the pizza could be cooked in either the microwave (there’s one of those microwave friendly ‘baking’ trays in the box) or in the convection oven.  I had very high hopes for this product because 1) it is only 7 Points Plus and 2) I pizza something fierce.
Unfortunately, I went into this with very high hopes and was essentially completely crushed.  Normally, I am a huge Trader Joe’s lover but this pizza was a complete let down from the get.
I cooked it in the toaster oven, per box directions, even going over the cook time because nobody likes biting into a pizza and having the very center of the pizza be cold or even still frozen.  After giving it a few minutes, I pulled it out, putting it on a cutting board and cut it up.  First bites, the veggies at the very middle were still stone cold (not frozen, just stone cold).  Then by simply moving the pizza on the cutting board you could see a large presence of water on it.  Meaning the vegetables are insanely watery and just make the whole reduced guilt pizza experience a miserable one.  I couldn’t force myself to eat anymore; I ended up tossing this straight into the garbage.  Sad face because this is the 3rd fail product from Trader Joe’s (the other 2 were a flavored seaweed snack and a ginger candy).
Oh well, you win some, you lose some …. and this was my loss!
What is your favorite frozen dish from Trader Joe’s?

BzzCampaign: Café Escapes Review

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Being an active part of BzzAgent, I was invited to take part in the Café Escapes BzzCampaign. I was excited initially because I LOVE hot chocolate.  I don’t drink a whole lot of it these days because it’s usually so high in sugars, calories (points) and just makes me feel sooo sleepy after consuming.  I do reach for my handy dandy Diet Swiss Miss when I’m in the mood for hot cocoa .  I admit I’ve never ventured into hot cocoa for my Keurig machine so this intrigued me.  I mean, how simple can we make it?
I received quite a sampling in my BzzAgent kit, so I stuck them all into my K-Cup holder and off and sampling we went.  The flavors received were:
– Café Vanilla (x2)
– Café Caramel (x2)
– Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa
– Chai Latte
– Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa
– Café Mocha
My boyfriend tried a Café Vanilla first and his end result was it wasn’t that good – it was watery – really gross and he ended up pouring it down the drain.  I tried the Chai Latte, Café Caramel and was NOT impressed. The Chai Latte was so bland and watery that I couldn’t force myself to chug through the rest of it.  The caramel was watery and overpoweringly sweet.  Just gross.  Friends and family tried the hot cocoas and no one was truly impressed with the end result.  The consistency always stays watery and it’s no where near the “thickness” you should get with hot chocolate or even a latte.
Overall – 2 thumbs down.  This is not a product I’d recommend anyone pick up.
Have you tried any of the Café Escapes products?

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Kellogg’s Special K – Blondie Brownie Bites

I picked up a box of these new Kellogg’s Special K Brownie Bites in the Blondie flavor.  These are also available in a fudge flavor but since I LOVE white chocolate I had to pick up this box instead.
The Blondie Brownie Bites are individually packaged and are 100 calories for each pack.  The brownie bites are little small square pieces.  But I have to say … sadly, this was a complete miss for me.  The consistency of the “brownies” was more of a raw cookie dough texture.  It didn’t taste like a brownie; it tasted more like … well, cookie dough.  The brownie pieces were really soft which made me feel like I was eating raw cookie dough.  I wasn’t a fan to say the least and haven’t touched these since I purchased them.  My boyfriend likes cookie dough and found them to be okay, so I awarded him with the remaining packages.  If he’ll eat them, I’m not sure, but time will tell.
Point Plus wise, these were 3 points plus … but for me, not worth it.

Have you tried the new Kellogg’s Brownie Bites?