Limited Edition Cookie Dough Oreo’s

A number of posts back I showcased the Limited EditionMarshmallow Crispy Oreo’s… but what I haven’t posted about yet are the Limited Edition Cookie Dough Oreo. I waited to open the package after the marshmallow crispy cookies were gone.
The original chocolate Oreo’s are my absolute favorite cookie. Admittedly I typically opt to skip on flavored chocolate cookie Oreo’s because I usually feel nothing can live up to the original. Although when I saw these, I was intrigued so of course I had to try them. Upon first bite, I found the cookie itself is a softer crispy cookie and they taste extremely fresh, a lot fresher tasting than the original cookie. The unique thing with these cookies is the fact the frosting is flavored and it has chocolate chip pieces/slivers in it.  The pieces/slivers of chocolate provided no new texture.  Would I say it tastes exactly like cookie dough? No, but it is reminiscent of it.  The cream itself has a chocolaty flavor to it from the chips but it has a bit of a caramel flavor to it. If you eat the cream alone it tastes along the lines of a chocolate caramel, but when eaten with the cookie it’s reminiscent of cookie dough. But on the plus side they’re not overly sweet and certainly not as overpowering on the sugar factor when in comparison to the Marshmallow Crispy Oreo’s.
A serving is 2 cookies, which are 140 calories or 4 points plus values. 1 cookie would be 70 calories or 2 points plus values.

Hungry Girl Candy Corn Popcorn Balls

I received an e-mail from Hungry Girl the week before Halloween which contained a few Halloween treats. Since we were going to have my niece and nephew over before and after Trick-or-Treating I figured I’d make a few desserts to have out.
When I saw the Hungry Girl Candy Corn Popcorn Balls I knew I had to make them. Popcorn balls have always been a fan favorite and I’ve found as I’ve gotten older they’re not something you can find in stores. Years ago popcorn balls were sold packaged individually for Halloween … but I haven’t seen them in a number of years. So I figured I’d give a go at making them.
Making the popcorn balls is quite simple. The most tedious task is standing at the stove and continuously mixing together the butter, candy corn and marshmallows until they are all melted.  The one thing I found to be tedious was when mixing together the additional candy corn and popcorn it gets VERY sticky, especially because the mixture isn’t over a direct flame. Because of this I ended up returning the mixture (even with the popcorn and candy corn) back to the stove to make it a little easier.
To form the popcorn balls, spraying them with non-stick cooking spray was a life saver. I will say … make sure you have someone around to help you because you do need to spray your hands again between almost every ball.  I let them set on parchment paper and when cooled to room temperature I transferred them to a parchment paper lined bowl.
The popcorn balls are INSANELY DELICIOUS! I thought they were fabulous and so did my guest. The leftovers I ended up eating truthfully, one every night for a sweet slightly salty snack. Perfect!
The greatest thing with these is that the recipe makes 10 popcorn balls and each popcorn ball is 111 calories or 3 points plus values!
You can find the recipe here:

Trader Joe’s – Trader Ming’s Chicken Egg Rolls

I cooked up a pack of Trader Joe’s – Trader Ming’s Chicken Egg Rolls to pair along with dinner one night.  I’ve tried just about all Trader Joe’s egg rolls and these have to be the most “authentic” egg rolls they sell.  They’ve got the classic thick and crunchy egg roll shell.
I cooked these in a convection oven with a little spritz of Pam cooking spray over the top of them. They cooked up perfectly, evenly and had a nice crispy wrapper.  The filling is more along the lines of the filling you’d get when ordering an egg roll at a Chinese restaurant. It’s filled with vegetables, but it’s also filled with pieces of shredded chicken, instead of pieces of pork.  There are pieces of carrot, cabbage, water chest nuts, bok choy, bamboo shoots, etc. mixed with the chicken. They’re perfect just as is, but they’re even better dipped into a little bit of sweet chili sauce.
A serving is one egg roll, which are 140 calories or 4 points plus values.  Definitely worth it if you’re an egg roll fan.
What is your favorite frozen egg roll?