Ore-Ida Simply Country Style French Fries

I spotted the Ore-Ida Simply Country Style French Fries at Target a couple weeks ago so I picked up the bag. I’ve tried the potato wedges which are one of my favorites in the frozen fry department, so I figured we’d give the French fry version a shot.
The French fries can crisp up nicely if the pan is sprayed with Pam and the frozen fries are then spritzed with a little more Pam. Just like the potato wedges these are a classic and delicious frozen French fry.  Sprinkled with a tad of salt and dipped into ketchup, there truly is no need for deep fried French fries.  Since they’re all natural fries they’re pretty favorable in the calorie/points plus department. I’ve enjoyed these alongside chicken fingers, sausage and even hamburgers.  Unfortunately these aren’t sold at very many grocery retailers around me, so when I do find them I try to grab a bag or two just to have them on hand.
A 3 ounce serving is 120 calories or 3 points plus values.  Well worth it in my opinion.
Have you tried any of the Ore-Ida Simply potatoes?

Ore-Ida Simply Potato Wedges

I had seen a new frozen potato wedge had hit my local grocery store shelves. In my household, frozen fries are a good side dish to a comfort food type dinner (sausage “subs”, hamburgers, breaded chicken, etc.) so I checked the nutrition facts. Low and behold the stats were nearly perfect, at least as far as I was concerned. These have to be the lowest point frozen french fries I’ve encountered.

Trying them out for the first time, I added two servings to a baking pan that was spritzed with non-stick cooking spray, then did a light spray over the top of the frozen fries. I find doing this helps crunch frozen fries up a bit more than putting them into a non-stick pan and letting them cook on their own. In my oven they cook up in roughly 20 minutes and are perfectly crispy on the outside but soft on the inside like a classic potato wedge. When I took them out of the oven I gave them a light sprinkling of salt. They were perfect baked french fries with no need to have them deep fried! The fries taste like a classic potato wedge but they’re not as heavy as greasy fried potato wedges.

A serving size is 3 ounces which is roughly 7 large potato wedges. Nutrition facts wise the serving is 120 calories, which calculates out to 3 points plus values. Super low for a super delicious product! The line carries different cuts as well as a sweet potato line.

Have you tried the new Ore-Ida Simply potatoes?