Trader Joe’s Smashing S’mores

Trader Joe’s has some of the most delicious decedent snacks and chocolates and that of course includes Trader Joe’s Milk Chocolate Smashing S’mores.  Ever since I purchased these to try out, I have been obsessed as have others in my family.  Typically whenever I make a Trader Joe’s haul I’m asked to pick up a container or two of these for my family members.
The folks at Trader Joe’s come up with the most ingenious snacks.  Smashing S’mores are essentially a miniature s’mores (think along the lines of miniature candy bars sold in bags).  There’s a graham cracker bottom, a marshmallow center and the whole thing s then encased in milk chocolate with a slight drizzle of dark chocolate over the top.  They’re perfect in size (two bites and you’re done), but sweet enough to satisfy your sweet tooth with one. Or two if you want to enjoy a serving size without needing to go back for more.
They can be eaten straight out of the container OR you can microwave them for 4-6 seconds.  They’re honestly good both ways, but microwaved they’re a magical experience.  The marshmallow gets gooey in the middle, but the chocolate stays intact. They’re delicious, just purely delicious.
Each s’more is 2 points plus values.  A serving size is 2 s’mores which is 4 points plus.  Typically when I have them, I’ll enjoy one and it’s all I need because the sugar can just become overwhelming for me if I were to even try to have more than two.  These are just under $5 a container, well worth it in my opinion.
Have you tried Smashing S’mores?