Toll House Pita Oven Baked Crackers – Mediterranean Herb

I purchased these Toll House Pita Oven Baked Crackers in theMediterranean Herb flavor to try out.  I’m always on the lookout for a new cracker to have with cottage cheese or even as a simple snack on its own.  This particular line by Toll House is new and also comes in a Sea Salt flavor. Typically, I don’t gravitate towards sea salt flavored snacks so the Mediterranean Herb definitely sounded intriguing.
I opened the container to have with my chive cottage cheese and I have to say it’s completely delicious!  The crackers are flavorful and the coating on the crackers will leave a little film on your fingertips (think of a slight coating you’d get after eating Cheetos).  I found after eating these a few times I preferred them on their own because it was a nice flavorful snack and they were a healthier alternative to potato chips.
I shared these with my mother and she liked them so much she went out and purchased a box for herself. She happens to be a huge potato chip fan and she felt these were delicious – which I was interested by. Typically she doesn’t really “rave” over some of my healthier snacks I stumble upon.
A serving size is 5 crackers, which will run you 2 points plus values.  It’s definitely worth it in my opinion especially for a new snack to try out.
Have you tried the new Toll House Pita Oven Baked Crackers?