Father’s Day Dinner @ Longhorn!

On Father’s Day I took my dad out for lunch to the restaurant of his choice.  After talking about where to go, my dad decided on Longhorn.  After he made his decision I went onto the Longhorn website, checked out their menu and nutritional information and decided on the dish I was going to order.  I had never been to Longhorn before so I was going into my choice rather blind.  Sure I was able to read the description, but I’ve found something can sound yummy on paper – but when you’re presented it, it’s not palatable. Thankfully my food choice was delicious.
I ordered off the Flavorful Under 500 section of the menu.  The specific dish I ordered was the Sierra Chicken, lighter portion.  The meal came with the chicken, along with fresh vegetables or green beans and a side salad.
The Sierra Chicken is a piece of grilled chicken served with tomato-basil salsa over the top.  The regular Sierra Chicken dish is served over a bed of rice, but since my dish was from the Flavorful Under 500 I opted for green beans.  I did request that the green beans be plain (they typically come pre-seasoned with garlic) and thankfully the kitchen staff were able to provide me with plain steamed green beans.  Whereas for my side salad it was recommended to order the salt with cheese, no croutons and raspberry vinaigrette.  I opted for a salad with no cheese and croutons but with low fat ranch on the side (not tossed with the salad as it typically comes).
The Sierra chicken dish was 7 points plus and I gave the low fat ranch dressing 1 points plus because I was dipping my fork into the dressing and barely used any.  Nonetheless this was a completely delicious meal and it may be the very reason I return to Longhorn!
Do you have a favorite dish at Longhorn?

It’s not a DIET it’s a LIFESTYLE!

I follow the Weight Watchers plan but no I am NOT on a diet.
Diets set people up for failure because it limits what you can and cannot have … and I do not like being told what to do. I can become the queen of self sabotage so by following a program that works for me in and molds to everyday life is the best thing.  Sure, I pay a monthly subscription but knowing I am spending money is only one reason I want to succeed.  It’s kind of like when I went to college – I knew at the end of it all, the loan was in MY name and I wanted to be happy with myself and not just “ride it out”.  I feel as though when you pay for something, with your own money, and you work for it, it’s far more rewarding.  Plus the great thing with Weight Watchers is once you hit goal and then lifetime, you no longer have to pay – as long as you maintain that status.
Following Weight Watchers, I have lost 185.6 pounds thus far – all that weight lost while eating real foods.  Some of my favorite foods and snacks like pizza, potato chips, French fries, onion rings, ice cream, cupcakes and my all-time favorite thing: bread! The difference is I have those things in moderation and I do not beat myself up for having them. I simply track the item and move on. There are some foods that I love that I’ve decided to make at home to bring down the calories/points – but cooking is therapeutic to me and I love that while cooking I know exactly what I put into a dish without having to guess.
This is a lifestyle change that I will maneuver through the rest of my life.  I’ll always be faced with having to make healthy choices; I’ll always have to be aware of what I am putting in my mouth.  For me, that’s not a lot of work, because this is something that I am passionate about.  I love myself and I want myself in the healthiest state possible. I know, that if I was to follow a diet that would limit things is not something I would follow the rest of my life.  I would end up back at square one, mad, angry and extremely broken hearted because I’d go overboard on the “no-go” foods.
Think about the fad diets that start: the grapefruit diet, the cookie diet and even Atkins. These diets do provide short term results not longstanding results. That’s a huge difference!
Over the course of 3 years, I’ve continuously lost weight eating some of my favorite foods. I’m living an everyday life in an everyday world. No limitations. No exclusions. A healthy lifestyle is about being aware, portion control and getting in activity.  If I can do it – anybody can!

Image courtesy of http://www.notonadiet.com/

Dinner @ Texas Roadhouse

When you mention the phrase “Texas Roadhouse” to me – the first thought that pops into my head is heavenly buttery rolls with cinnamon butter – which are endless.  As a self proclaimed carboholic, I’ve decided Texas Roadhouse is not quite a restaurant for me to visit because if I am with a party that WANTS the bread, I sometimes am not sure if my will power will hold strong.
As a belated birthday celebration for my boyfriend’s mother, it was decided Texas Roadhouse was the restaurant we were going to go to.  That meant I immediately pulled up the website and scanned through their menu (ignoring my favorite – a full slab of ribs).  I knew if I REALLY wanted the ribs I could have them, but they just weren’t worth it to me because at the end of the day, the richness and fattiness to them would have only made me feel sick and sick is not what I aim for.
I found a grilled chicken salad on their menu and decided I’d treat myself to that – that is with slight modification to the “display” of the salad.  No eggs, no croutons and no cheese please.  I wanted a simple salad and by simple I asked them to add tomato to it because if I recall correctly, the menu did not list tomato as a component of their salad.  Dressing wise – I went with the only friendly dressing – fat free ranch.
My salad came out and it was delicious.  It was actually two meals for me – a late lunch and a late dinner.  And yes, I admit I had a roll and I had peanuts – but I enjoyed myself and accounted for all.  That’s the great thing about my journey is it’s all about moderation not deprivation.
I estimated the salad to be 8 points plus (figuring there was some sort of butter/olive oil used on the grill to keep it from sticking).
What is one of your favorite meals to order when going out to eat?