Lay’s Limited Edition – Chicken & Waffles Potato Chips

I picked these up a few weeks ago when they first hit the shelves and I had been waiting to try them – or rather they were hidden away in my closet because I didn’t want to over indulge on potato chips since potato chips are sometimes a trigger food for me.  I knew going into it that these had a lot of mixed reviews – some people loved them while others were completely repulsed.  Then there are the folks who are at the middle of the road and don’t know what way they want to turn.
In case you are not aware Lay’s had a competition for fans to come up with their ideal chip flavor and after some hefty choices Lay’s went with Sriracha, Cheesy Garlic Bread and Chicken & Waffles.  I had tried the Sriracha and completely loved them – so next up was this particular flavor.
I have to say looking at them – they look like a browner colored BBQ chip.  The first bite was “Oh, this is weird…” second bite “Okay… this taste like breakfast.”  All I can get from these is a strong breakfast taste – like syrup and maybe even a hint of French toast (if that even makes sense).  These definitely aren’t something I can eat a whole lot of.  I’m not crazy about them and I wouldn’t say run out and pick up a bag.
My boyfriend on the other hand – I let him try one (or rather I held it out to him and was like “TRY THIS!”) was immediately repulsed, spit it out AND went and washed his mouth out LOL.
Points Plus wise – 4 for a serving.
Have you tried any of the limited edition Lay’s potato chip flavors? If so, what’s your favorite?