Evri Dressing-2-Go

I found this little Evri Dressing-2-Go device while at Stop & Shop. I’m “guilty” of bringing sides of salad dressing with me when going out to eat, but my technique can get messy or it could potentially make my purse a smelly mess.  So when I saw this little portable dressing container I knew I had to buy it.
The container is a softer silicone which makes squeezing the container easy.  The top screws on and off and it has a flip-top for easy pouring.  It holds almost ¼ cup of salad dressing in it – but I would only a serving size of salad dressing to it.
One fun fact I learned from a fellow Instagramer (which reminds me I need to pick another one of these up):  she uses these to bring coffee creamer with her on the road so she can control her milk/creamer portion!
Have you ever tried a portable dressing container?