The “Best part about summer” sandwich – The Tomato Sandwich

This sandwich is what I call my “The Best Part about Summer Sandwich” because I typically only eat these in the summer months when tomatoes are fresh and out of a garden. Typically during the summer months I get bombarded with home grown tomatoes.  Family, family friends, fruit & vegetable stands, etc., everybody has tomatoes and they’re trying to get rid of them.  Homemade sauces, tomato salads, garden salads aside … a tomato sandwich is where it’s at!
I take 2 slices of light Italian bread and toast it, then smear 1 tablespoon of light mayonnaise onto each side of the bread.  I then top it with 2 thick slices of tomatoes (large tomatoes preferred – heirloom, etc.) and finish off with a light sprinkle of salt and pepper.
The sandwich is not only filling but it’s very refreshing. It calculates out to be 3 points plus values per sandwich and it is truly worth every single point, bite and chew.
Do you like tomato sandwiches?