Country Kitchen Light Raisin Bread

I for some reason was on a hunt for raisin bread when I went to the grocery store. Not sure why, I haven’t had raisin bread in the longest time, but I suddenly really wanted it. After rolling my eyes at some of the points plus associated with some raisin bread and raisin English muffins I finally stumbled upon the Country Kitchen Light Raisin Bread. Its 50 calories verse 80 calories.  I admit before I could purchase it, I had to smell the raisin through the bread … it smelled like the 80 calorie one, so into my cart it went.
Later on that night, I toasted up a slice to have with some chocolate peanut butter on it.  The bread is delicious. It’s packed with raisins and does not lack in the flavor department.  It’s heavy and dense as raisin breads tend to be. My boyfriend had a few pieces toasted and he also enjoyed it.  He actually planted a seed in my brain by saying “this would be really good as French toast.”
1 slice is 1 points plus value, whereas 2 slices is 3 points plus values. It was pricey (at least in my opinion) for bread – my local grocery store had the loaf priced at $3.  But was it worth it? Yes, yes it was.
Do you like raisin bread or muffins?