Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt Wheat Crisps

Last year I had heard about how good the Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt Wheat Crispswere so I picked up a box. I’m a fan of Wheat Thins and so I decided to give them a go. I’ve actually purchased these a few times but realized I haven’t posted about them quite yet … so here goes!
The wheat crisps are your classic “Wheat Thin” type cracker, except I feel these particular ones taste better than Wheat Thins.  There’s nothing that’s utterly spectacular about them, other than the fact they’re just a really good simple cracker. They’re crunchy, they’re flavorful, and the crackers themselves are slightly bigger than your average Wheat Thin. They’re perfect on their own, with cheese, with hummus and they’re a homerun paired with chive cottage cheese.  The only negative is they are slightly addicting and I do have to stash the box away in the cabinet to avoid eating more than a serving or two.
A serving which is 14 crackers, is 130 calories or 3 points plus values.
Have you tried Trader Joe’s reduced guilt wheat crisps?