Limited Edition Lemon Twist Oreo’s

My boyfriend and I are suckers for a lemon dessert – lemon cake, lemon tarts, lemon pie, lemon poppy seed muffins, etc. You name it, if its lemon I’m going to more than likely want to try it.  That doesn’t fall short when it comes to cookies.
I spotted these Limited Edition Lemon Twist Oreo’s and put the pack in my cart. I tried to decide if we needed to bring them home or not and that lemon dessert weakness in me won over. We had them as a late night snack and I have to say these are fabulous little cookies!  They have the vanilla cookie outside with a bold but sweet lemon cream center. The lemon is sweet, not tart. The aroma when opening the pack is undoubtedly sweet lemon. In my opinion, they are a perfect little gem and a nice twist on a classic Oreo.
A serving size is 2 cookies, 150 calories, which calculate out to 4 points plus values.  They’re worth it if you enjoy cookies and have the will power to only have a serving size.
Have you tried the lemon twist Oreo’s?

Trader Joe’s Cookie Thins – Meyer Lemon

Another lemon dessert …but what can I say, my boyfriend and I are true lemon lovers.  I picked up these Trader Joe’s Meyer Lemon Cookie Thins because they were firstly, lemon and secondly they were cookies. Two of my favorite things morphed into one, so of course I had to give it a try.  These cookie thins do also come in a coconut and a ginger flavor – which I think would be fabulous now that I’ve tried these.
Opening the package you can immediately smell the lemon scent.  The cookies are definitely thin, they’re rather fragile as well, but they are delicious. They’re lemony, sweet but tart; they’re crispy and are slightly buttery which is kind of reminiscent of butter cookies.  In a way, the taste reminded me of the lemon tarts my boyfriend and I occasionally get from our local Italian bakery.  A serving is 9 cookies, which is quite a lot, but in all honesty, half a serving can be more than enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.  They’re great on their own and they are even great alongside some ice cream.
A serving is 130 calories and 4 points plus values. Completely worth it.
Have you tried any of the Trader Joe’s cookie thins?

Fiber One Lemon Bar

This is a new snack I was on the hunt for, for weeks!  All I have to say is … it was well worth the wait.
Fiber One has had snack bars out on the market for a very long time.  I find they’re alright, but they’re typically not something I crave.  So, why did I go on the hunt for lemon bars? Honestly? I love lemon.  They’re point friendly, filled with fiber and I just had to try them.
I opened up the package and I have to admit, they are smaller.  You’d probably be done the bar in 4-5 bites.  Size aside these are delicious.  Just tearing open the pack, a lemony scent wafts up to your nose.  The cakes have a little frosting drizzled over the top, which gives it a bit of a bite since the frosting is harder than the cake (which is soft).  One bite and you’re sold – well at least my boyfriend and I both were.  I love lemon, my boyfriend loves lemon more than I, and we both thoroughly enjoyed this snack cake.  Definitely worth the hunt if you’re in the market for a new low 2 point plus value snack.
Have you tried the Fiber One lemon bars?

Trader Joe’s Lemon Bars

I had purchased these Lemon Bars from Trader Joe’s about a month or so back and they’ve been sitting in the freezer waiting to be eaten.  Last week my boyfriend and I wanted something sweet, but since we didn’t have anything in the house that we both wanted, we took the box of these out of the freezer and set them on the counter to defrost for 45 minutes.
One thing I should say is that my boyfriend and I are lovers of lemon desserts.  Lemon donuts, lemon tarts, lemon cake, lemon anything in a dessert is a-okay with us!  So I imagined these would be phenomenal.  Trader Joe’s makes some of the best hidden jewels so I already knew these would be a homerun.  And I was right.
They are VERY lemony, but the powdered sugar on top of the dessert really brings it down a notch. The consistency of the lemon portion is more of along the lines of a soft cheesecake, if you will.  The bottom portion is a delicious graham like cracker crust.  They are small – two normal size bites and it will be gone, but the perfect thing is it’s JUST enough to satisfy that sweet tooth.  I had 1 and was satisfied. My boyfriend happily munched away on them and finished the remainder that night. I’ve got to add them to my Trader Joe’s shopping list to pick up on the next trip through Trader Joe’s!
Points plus wise 1 bar (a serving) is 2 points plus. You can have 2 for 4 points plus.
What is your favorite lemon dessert?

Trader Joe’s Viennese Lemon Tart

I picked up this Viennese Lemon Tart at Trader Joe’s to have as dessert for when my boyfriend and I had his mother over for dinner.  He and I are huge lemon dessert fans so I thought this would be a hit.
The tart itself is about 8 or 9 inches in diameter and has 6-servings within it.  It’s a classic tart with crust, lemon filling and it’s dusted with powder sugar.  It looks delicious BUT upon slicing it and having a piece I realized that it was verrrrrrrryyy sour.  Face puckering sour.  I’m used to a sweeter lemon tart, but this was not for the faint of heart.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a yummy dessert BUT half a serving is more than enough because a whole piece is almost cringe worthy.  Now if you enjoy that very tart lemon flavor, you’d enjoy this dessert – but if you don’t enjoy tart, count this one out.
Points Plus wise – 1/6th of the tart will run you 8 points plus.
What is your favorite dessert from Trader Joes?